10 Best Home Remedies For Carpal Tunnel

Carpal TunnelHave you been experiencing a sharp pain, followed by a tingling sensation, dryness of the skin, weakness and / or numbness in your fingers (the thumb, index finger, middle finger and half of the ring finger) of late? If so, you are exhibiting the classic symptoms of a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is a progressively painful arm and hand condition, which occurs when the median nerve which extends from the forearm to the palm, gets compressed at the wrist. A pinched median nerve interferes with normal sensation in the fingers and palms.

In the initial stages, a person may experience mild anomalies in her hand movements along with slight pain. However, as carpal tunnel syndrome progresses, the person will complain of excruciating pain, will lose his or her ability to grip objects and will notice extensive inflammation centered on his or her fingers and palms.

Home Remedies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Stretching Exercise

The best way to ease the pain, and relieve the stress, which builds up around the wrists due to carpal tunnel syndrome, is to perform hand and finger stretching exercises on a regular basis. The wrist and hand stretches, which help to ease the pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome, can be done right at your desk.

Stretching Exercise

The rhythmic Stretching Exercises which are an integral part of stretching exercises will strengthen the hand and wrist muscles. These simple exercises improve blood flow to the wrists, Stretching Exercise. Ideally, hand and wrist stretching exercises have to be performed for a couple of minutes every hour, to ease the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.


This particular home remedy to ease the symptoms routinely associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, has gained immense popularity in recent years. There is no concrete scientific evidence to connect raw almonds to the sudden decline in the symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.
However, people having this condition experienced a great deal of relief, from the excruciating pain and inflammation positioned around their hands and wrist, after eating raw almonds on a regular basis. People with carpal tunnel syndrome are advised to eat a handful of raw almonds first thing in the morning to get relief from this condition.

Rotate Between Jobs

Another simple home remedy to ease the pressure which builds up around the wrists and hands is to rotate between jobs. This way you can exercise different hand muscles without putting undue stress on one set of muscles. Ideally, you should not perform a single task for more than forty five minutes at one stretch.

Give your hand and wrist muscles a break by performing a different activity before returning to the original activity. People with mild to moderate carpal tunnel syndrome are advised by their doctors to rotate between tasks to prevent this condition from progressing any further.


To reduce the inflammation on your wrists, palms or fingers, consume plenty of ripe pineapple. The stem and fruit of the pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain.


This proteolytic enzyme aids in the digestion of inflammatory proteins (proteins which cause inflammation). Besides reducing inflammation, bromelain also acts as a natural pain reliever. Fresh pineapple juice can also be given to people suffering from this condition.

Chamomile Tea

Drink freshly brewed chamomile tea to ease inflammation and pain around the wrists. Chamomile tea has been used for centuries as a natural anti inflammatory agent.

chamomile tea

The soothing chamomile tea can also fight muscular spasms. Drink several cups of freshly brewed chamomile tea between meals to ease the inflammation and pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

White Cabbage Leaves

The inflammation which is located around the wrist may be caused by a buildup of synovial fluids under the tissues. To draw out the excess fluid and ease the pressure which builds up around the wrist, place fresh white cabbage leaves on the wrist. The white cabbage leaves pull out the excess synovial fluid thereby reducing the inflammation.


To ease inflammation due to carpal tunnel syndrome even faster, place slightly chilled white cabbage leaves on your wrists. You can even wrap the leaves around your wrists and use a length of string to hold the leaves in place.

Flax Seed Oil

To lubricate the joints from within, as also to ease the inflammation and pain, take a teaspoon of pure flax seed oil every single day. Flax seed oil is a proven home remedy to reduce the painful symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

flax seed oil

Have a teaspoon of alpha linoleic rich flax seed oil directly after meals. You can also dilute a teaspoon of flax seed oil in a glass of water and drink this concoction between meals. Massage your wrists and hands with pure flax seed oil to get relief from the excruciating pain and inflammation due to carpal tunnel syndrome.


To soothe the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, have a pinch of the miracle spice, turmeric. Turmeric contains specific natural compounds which are designed to fight inflammation. The discomforting symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can be alleviated by incorporating a pinch of turmeric powder in your daily food preparations.


Alternately, procure half an inch of fresh turmeric. Grind the turmeric to a fine paste in a food processor. Now collect the turmeric paste and wrap it in a length of muslin cloth. Tie the muslin cloth containing the turmeric paste around your swollen wrist. The turmeric paste acts as an anti inflammatory agent and reduces the swelling around the wrists in next to no time.

Vitamin B6

The symptoms which are typically associated with carpal tunnel syndrome can be aggravated due to vitamin B6 deficiency.


To overcome vitamin B6 deficiency and ease the symptoms associated with this condition, people with carpal tunnel syndrome are advised to consume plenty of vitamin B6 or pyridoxine rich food items. Sizable amounts of this water soluble vitamin is present in pistachios, sunflower seeds and rice bran (to name a few).

Fish Oil

Fish oil 

Omega three fatty acids posses powerful anti inflammatory properties.  Fish oils are a  rich source of omega three fatty acids like EPA and DHA. Alternately, you can also consume fatty fish like tuna and salmon to get your daily dose of omega three fatty acids.

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