10 Coolest Women Handbags


HandbagsAccessorizing the outfit is one of the most important factors to be the fashion symbol when you step out of the house. And what can be more fashionable than a chunky handbag which spills the fashion trend instantly on all. Make your pick from the ten best and extremely fashionable handbags of 2012 right from the fashion closet.

Coolest Women Handbags

Sleek satchel

The one handbag from the fashion closet which has stolen the heart of many women this year is the sleek satchel. This handbag can be easily matched and mixed with nearly all outfits in one’s wardrobe without even a hint of fashion disaster. Perfect for any kind of occasion and clothes, this is one handbag which serves a universal purpose.

Silent colored handbags

On the other hand, how about carrying a handbag which matches perfectly with the color of your outfit? In fact, the add on here is that to give the upper hand to your attire, why not match the handbag with color of either your sandals or shoes instead of the outfit. You are sure to be the center of attraction in the gathering and around with your high sense of style and fashion choice.

Classy Retro handbags


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You can start with choosing from a wide variety of retro handbags which are still most sought after choice owing to their classy and aged look. The retro handbags with their colorful and abstract design add the perfect touch of style right from the 60’s and the 70’s era. So if you have an evening to look forward to, this time carry a retro handbag to give an edge to your outfit making it the complete fashionable attire.

Shoulder handbag

When it comes to the extreme level of adding sophisticated look to your personality then the very first choice which strikes to the mind is the shoulder handbag. This style of handbag is undoubtedly the first pick of the celebs owing to its high style of fashion, perfect make and availability in the best of fashion brands.  The handbag gives you ample space of fill in your stuff and still looks sleek.

Stylish clutches


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Clutches have today in the fashion world become the must have accessory for the both the fashion prone and simple women. This is the perfect pick for the formal gatherings where you have to display your style and elegance in full form. Make your pick from a plethora of stylish clutches with or without chain in harmony with your outfit and turn all the eye balls in your direction. Imagine, if you are wearing a strapless dress and decide to carry a chain clutch, hanging it from your shoulder will give a sexy look to it.

Hobo handbag

Either heading for the office or simply for some shopping, the hobo handbags are just the ease to carry both before and after. The highly spacious hobo bags can be filled with nearly anything in the world like your make up kit, shades, cell phone, papers and even clothes if required. Easy to carry, trendy and highly comfortable are some features of the handbag which come along together to give you the desired pleasure.

Over sized toe bags


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Well, if you need some more space than in the hobo handbags, then simply shift your eyes and finger tips to the over sized toe handbags. These bags have always ruled the fashion world and have seen all eras. Never outdated from the fashion world and the closets of the fashion prone women, these bags are available in umpteen numbers of fabrics, colors, designs, textures and even animal prints.

Messenger bags

Well, if you simply want to add the look of the handbag as an accessory then make some space in your closet for the trendy messenger bags. According to recent surveys, the messenger bags tend to the desired hot look to your attire. Hang it either on one side or around from one shoulder where the bag falls diagonally on the opposite side of your body. The long and comfortable straps make it easy to carry the bag, even if you are carrying some necessary stuff in the same.

Jaunt handbag


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These handbags are the best match if you are looking forward to an adventurous trip or a simple outing with friends. Carrying easily your basic essentials in the same this handbag gives you a cool and trendy look overall.

Grab handbag

Similar to the jaunt handbags, these bags are a bit smaller in size and are always accompanied by a flap on the front. The bag comes in nearly every color from the color palette so; you can add the desired fashion style to your outfit by picking an unusual color in the same.

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