10 DIY Homemade Natural Lipstick Recipes

Natural Lipstick

Natural Lipstick

One of the best ways to save money on beauty products is to make your own homemade cosmetics. Free from chemicals, these homemade cosmetics are absolutely safe for the skin. Here is an excellent homemade lipstick recipe from the website thegloss.com made with edible products such as cranberry juice and coconut oil. In addition to coloring the lips, the homemade natural lipsticks moisturize the lips with natural fatty acids. Hence, they can also be used as natural lip balms for preventing chapped lips. You can also add some fresh fruit pulps or honey to add a subtle flavor to the lipstick. To access the homemade lipstick recipes, visit the following link.

Thegloss – 10 DIY Homemade Natural Lipstick Recipes

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