10 Effective Home Remedies For Smelly Feet

Smelly Feet

Smelly FeetDo you have smelly feet? Well, it is a very embarrassing situation when you go to your friend’s place and once you take off your shoes, your feet starts stinking. Friends may understand but it is still disgraceful to have smelly feet. When you have guests at home, they will not be able to enjoy the beauty of your home and your company because they will get distracted by the smell of your feet. People will never invite you to their homes or ever come to your place if you do not find a cure for your smelly feet.

Smelly feet is the second most disgusting thing after smelly farts. You surely do not want people to run away from you and call you, ‘stink ball’ behind your back. There could be various reasons behind smelly feet. The most common reason is the growth of bacteria in sweaty shoes or feet. Sometimes washing your feet does not cure this problem. You need something extra to care of your feet.

List of 10 Effective Home Remedies For Smelly Feet

We care for you and so, we have come up with 10 effective home remedies for smelly feet which will give your feet a reason to be happy. You do not have to go to a doctor for each and everything! You can use the following home remedies for smelly feet as they really work wonders! They are easily available at home – in your kitchen or a nearby store. You wouldn’t have to go for an expensive treatment to get rid of smelly feet and people will love your presence too. Take a look at the effective home remedies for smelly feet and turn them into happy feet.


You will probably not believe this but it is true. If you rub alcohol on your feet, you will get rid of the bad odor. You can take small cotton balls and put some alcohol such as rum, whiskey or so on it and rub the alcohol on your entire feet.


You should do this after a shower and make sure that you let it dry some. Once it is dried up, the bacteria present on your feet will vanish and there will be no smelly odor.


Listerine is easily available in markets. It helps to get rid of bad breath but also helps in getting rid of smelly feet odor. You need to dip a cotton ball in Listerine and apply it to your feet. You should not leave the gap between the toes as that is the place where bacteria is hidden. Let it dry and you will see the difference in no time.


Looks like alcohol is not really bad for your health. It isn’t bad for your feet at least! You should rub vodka on your feet in order to get rid of the bad odor. Give your feet a nice foot bath in a mix of water and vodka. It is proven that vodka helps in getting rid of smelly feet odor.


Take a tub or something to dip your feet in. The tub should be filled with warm water. Add some half a cup of white vinegar in the water and soak your smelly feet in it.


Let it soak for about 30 minutes and then pat dry your feet. Make sure that you rinse your feet properly so that all the bacteria gets killed.

Scrub The Dead Skin

Exfoliation is important, my child. If you are a girl, you would know that exfoliation of skin is as important as going to the bathroom. You need to remove the dead skin to be healthy and hygienic. So, you should scrub your feet with a pumice stone in order to remove the dead skin from your feet. In order to get great feet, it is important to scrub them regularly with a pumice stone and feet gel.


Majority of the people drink tea and so, we would assure that you would have tea bags or tea leaves at home in your kitchen. If you want to get rid of the smelly odor of your feet then try and soak your feet in a tea solution. How to make it? Take a tub of water and brew about two or three tea bags in it.


You would need to soak your feet in it for about fifteen minutes. There is an acid present in tea which is called tannic acid which kills the bacteria present on your feet. It will also help in getting rid of sweat on your foot which is the root cause of the smelly odor.


Bleach will help you get rid of the smelly odor on your feet. All you need to do is add 1/4th of bleach in a foot bath and soak your feet in it. The bleach which you should use is the common household one. Make sure that you soak your feet in this water for about 30 minutes and rinse it well. Let it dry for some time and it will help for sure!

Apple Cider

Apple cider has been used as a popular home remedy for many ailments. If you have smelly feet then you can get rid of it by using apple cider which is easily available in households as well as markets.

Apple Cider

You should soak your feet in water and add some apple cider to it. If you do this thrice or four times in a week, the smelly odor will vanish and you will get lovely feet.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt can help you get rid of the excessive sweating of feet which causes smelly feet odor. You should add some Epsom salt to your foot bath and do it twice or thrice in a week. Make sure that you do it twice in a day to get best results.Say a big goodbye to smelly feet because with these home remedies, you will turn them into super happy feet. These remedies really work and are very simple to follow. Try them out because there is nothing more disgusting than having smelly feet. Take care!

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has a lovely fragrance but do not underestimate this oil because it can kill bacteria too. You can rub few drops of lavender oil on your feet and see the difference with your own eyes and nose. You should do this at night before sleeping. It will work wonders!