10 Home Remedies For Gallstones

gallstonesEarly treatment is advised and becomes necessary when you experience symptoms of gallstones because the pain is often excruciating and if not treated on time, it can even hamper your normal day to day activities. There are many natural effective home remedies for gallstones, which are without side effects.

Most of these home remedies are time tested and have been passed on by the previous generations who have found these to be very effective, though these are not backed by any kind of scientific research. Thus, if your symptoms are acute and unbearable even after trying out all different home remedies you should always get in touch with your Doctor, so that you get relief.

Treatment Of Gallstones At Home

Drink 4 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice

Have at least 4 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice, every morning on empty stomach. Try this for at least a week. It will help in reducing pain and other symptoms.

Lemon Juice

In many cases it has been found to eliminate the gallstones completely. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is also a part of this treatment, as it helps in flushing away the gallstones.

Drink a Spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you suffer from sudden attack, you can have a tablespoon of  apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of fresh apple juice. It helps in reducing the pain quickly and removes all kind of discomfort. You can also have just a spoon of apple cider vinegar, in case apple juice not available.

Citrus Fruits Are Recommended

citrus fruits

Include fresh citrus fruits in your diet. Have a bowl of fresh fruits salad every morning in an empty stomach. These fruits are rich in pectin which helps in treating gallstones. Include fresh oranges, grapefruits and some lemons in your diet abundantly. You can consume them as smoothies too.

Have Epsom Salt

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are a popular remedy for gallstones. These help in passing the gallstones through the duct. You need to add a teaspoon of Epsom salt in a glass of water and mix it well. Drink it at night for at least 20 days or till the symptoms subside.

Use Hot Compresses

Warm Compresses

Gallstones often cause pain and that too at the odd hours of the night. You can use hot compresses on your abdomen whenever you experience the pain. It will help in reducing the pain and discomfort, helping you to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

Have Caffeine Twice In A Day

We know that consuming too much caffeine is not good for health, but it actually helps in preventing the formation of gallstones.


You can have 2-3 cups of coffee in a day – it will help in preventing formation of gallstones effectively. Remember, you should not get addicted to the drink.

Herbal Extracts Home Remedies

Herbal extracts work excellently in treating gall stones. St. Johns wort is one such herb which you can use to treat gallstones. You can use it to prepare tea, which not only tastes good but also helps in treating gallstones.

St. Johns wort

You can also use dandelion,or milk thistle to prepare fresh tea which is very effective in flushing away gallstones from your body. Quebra pedra is another herb which can be used to prepare  tea and can be consumed for relief . Such a herbal tea can be drunk several times in a day at least for a month.

Use Turmeric As Treatment

Turmeric contains cur cumin which is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in improving the solubility of bile along with its compounds which are responsible for forming gallstones.

turmeric powder

As a home remedy for gallstones, it is recommended to have at least 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric everyday. This will help in dissolving almost 80% of the existing gallstones. You can have turmeric mixed in a glass of milk every morning or simply use it to prepare your food.

Have Fresh Juices

beetroot juice

Consume fresh beetroot, pear, carrots and cucumber and apple juice as much as you can. You can cut down your regular food consumption for some days when you suffer from gallstone problems  and have the specific fresh juices. These juices also help in cleansing your system effectively.

Have Half Glass of Wine

Have half a glass of wine everyday as a part of your treatment. This will help in keeping the gallstone attack away. You need to have just have a glass of wine and not more, as overloading yourself can cause adverse reactions in your body.


You will need some additional protection in such a case. Hope you find all the above home remedies for treating gallstones effective and you get complete relief from pain and discomfort.

Photo Credit: http://umm.edu/health/medical/ency/images/gallstones