10 Home Remedies For High Cholesterol


CholesterolHigh cholesterol level is a common problem mainly due to our sedentary lifestyle and eating habits. Though there are several medications available to keep this under control, home remedies for high cholesterol are most sought after since these do not have any side effects.

You can return to normal cholesterol levels with balanced diet, exercises and by following a healthy lifestyle.  Here are some common remedies to control your cholesterol levels.

High Cholesterol Home Remedies

Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Water has several healing properties and has many beneficial properties. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water in a day to stay hydrated. It helps people with high cholesterol.

Drink Lime Tree Flower Tea

Prepare a herbal tea using lime tree flower which is known for its many beneficial properties. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels and helps those who suffer from stress too.

Have Raw Onions

Have fresh slices of raw onion everyday. You can also have onion juice with honey for taste everyday to reduce your cholesterol levels.

Have Apple Juice with Apple Cider Vinegar

Have Apple Juice with Apple Cider Vinegar

A wonderful drink which helps to lower your cholesterol level. Mix 6 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 12 tablespoons of apple juice and blend well. This can be had once in a day for best results.

Have a Bowl of Curd

Include a bowl of curd as a part of your diet everyday. You can have it every morning as a part of your breakfast with fresh fruits ir have it as a mid day snack. Curd is very effective in lowering cholesterol levels.

Include Fresh Garlic In Diet

Garlic is a common spice with several medicinal properties. It is very effective in reducing cholesterol levels. It helps in blood circulation and prevents cholesterol build up in the lining of blood vessels.

Include Fresh Garlic In Diet

Garlic can be had in its raw form – crushed or chopped as you prefer. If you wish to add flavor, mix a little bit of honey and have it. Adults need to have at least 3 cloves of garlic in a day.

Have Fresh Salad with Olive Oil

Have a bowl of fresh salad prepared with green leafy vegetables. Drop in a spoon of olive oil in this for added benefits. Olive oil will help in lowering cholesterol levels and will help in better functioning of your heart.

Coriander Seeds Healthy Drink

Coriander Seeds Healthy Drink

Prepare a herbal medicine at home – add 2 table spoons of coriander seeds in a glass of water. Let this mixture boil for ten minutes and cool it. Next, strain excess water and drink. This needs to be taken at least 3 days in a week for best results.

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Have a High Fiber Diet

Those who suffer from high cholesterol need to have high fiber diet. Include healthy foods like broccoli, green beans, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries in your diet in abundance.Hope you get relief and comfort with these remedies from high cholesterol levels.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise Regularly

Spend at least thirty minutes a day to exercise. This will improve blood circulation, improve your metabolic rate and keep your high cholesterol levels under control. Fat accumulation in the body is going to aggravate your problems further.

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