10 Latest Makeup Colours Ideas

makeup colours

makeup coloursWe cannot imagine a world without colours. To revive dullness and boredom we decorate every single detail of our lives with various colours. Similarly to make us look attractive and energized we include so many colours in our makeup palette.

A beautiful eye shadow colour or a hint of rosy hue on the cheeks not only brighten your look, but also changes your whole personality.
Here are some colours that are seemed to be trending in recent times:

Latest Makeup Colours Ideas

Poppy Red Lips

Luxurious red lips is always classic, however, this time it has a twist as electrifying poppy red has made its way. This colour depicts your bolder and confident side with sensuous and sexy undertones. This colour flatters the clothing styles of the season like candy stripes or oriental prints.

Hot Pink Lips

hot pink lips

Fuchsia lips are another statement that instantly brightens up the whole look. This colour represents your jovial and funky side without being too carefree. It is feminine and sporty and aptly goes with white ensembles for a striking contrast.

Electric Purple Lips

This deep colour may be scary at times, but it works well for a theme party or even for glamorous events. This slightly intimidating hue highlights your mischievous and playful side, with almost a vixen like persona.

Platinum Shadow

platinum shadow

An immediate source of luminance for pale complexions, platinum eye shadows can make your eyes appear bigger and sexier. The shimmery particles illuminate the eye area and infuse an instant perked up effect.

Copper Shadow

This warm shade instantly boosts the eyes and makes them sultry and mystique. Suitable for dark complexions, this colour revives tired eyes for a brighter and gorgeous look. It intensifies the look and reveals your serious and wiser side.

Sky Blue Shadow

sky blue shadow

This colour is fun and sporty and reveals your carefree yet girly side. To make a subtle statement it is best used as a liner to line the lower lash line. The sudden pop of light blue on the eyes will turn the whole makeup dramatic.

Romantic Rose Blush

A rosy cheek gives a healthy and fresh look to your entire makeup. It reflects your romantic and feminine side. A natural flush of colour on the cheeks can be the essence of a very girlie makeup. It can match with any dress without looking overdone.

Sheer Plum Blush

sheer plum blush

The same romantic and natural flush as rosy lips takes a turn with a sheer mauve shade to display your athletic and fun side. This playful twist of colour can play magic if worn with athletic outfits like jeans or sweat pants.

Charcoal Nails

The opaque black of last season has made its way for a more elegant and sophisticated charcoal on the nails this time around. Play it on your nails for a sexy yet classy aura, without being too vampish. Its sheer touch along with shiny glitters can be sported on any complexion, irrespective of age.

Emerald Nails

emerald nails

Nails painted with this vibrant shade can make a miraculous makeover to your hands. The jewel tone immediately brightens any outfit and adds a movie star like persona to any woman. Flaunt the hidden star in you with this amazing hue.

So these are the latest makeup colours that can miraculously transform any woman into a Diva.