10 Must-Have For Professional Makeup Kits

professional makeup kit

professional makeup kitWe look forward to professional advice for makeup and beauty while attending specials events or weddings. A staple companion of any pro is a makeup tool box which is filled with the necessary shades and tools of the trade.

This makeup up kit or box should contain all the useful essentials for a perfect makeup. Here are 10 must-have items to be included in a professional makeup kit:

Must-Haves For Professional Makeup Kits

Brushes And Blender

A good set of brushes is very important to carry. It should include a big powder brush, a blush brush, an eye shadow brush, a blending brush, a lip brush, a thin angled brush and a few eye shadow applicators.  It is important to carry a blender, preferably a sponge for blending foundation accurately.

Facial Wipes And Cotton Pads

facial wipes

Keep some facial wipes handy for correcting and reapplication. It is important to keep some cotton balls or pads too if cleansing and toning is required. A set of cue tips should be there to clean or set eye makeup from corners.


Some basic tools required to be always there are a lash curler, a sharpener, colour mixing palette, few false lashes, lash glue, hand sanitizer and tweezers.

Skincare Essentials

No matter what the client is going to apply on skin, it is best to carry your own essential skin care products like a makeup remover, an water based toning cleanser, an oil free moisturizer and a brightening serum or cream.


disposable lipwands

There should be some disposable products, like spoolies, spatulas, lip wands, applicators, swabs, blotting tissues etc. for blending and applying makeup. This will let the client know that how hygiene conscious you are.

Face Makeup

This is the most important part and you have to keep your palette ready with different shades for different complexions. You require 2 liquid foundations- a paler and a darker one. A refining primer will help to even out complexion. A concealer palette with 4-6 colours is necessary to camouflage imperfections.

Eye Makeup

You need to carry a neutral eye shadow palette, which should have at least one dark colour for contouring, one pearly colour for highlighting and several medium tones for base. There should be some loose shimmery pigments for dramatic effect looks. A gel liner, few colourful eye pencils, a thickening mascara, brow gel and an eye shadow primer are very important.

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Professional makeup artist always prefer bright and glowing makeup. So it is wise to carry a good bronzer and highlighter along with some glowing blush shades like, peachy pinks and rose pinks that will suit every complexion.

Lip Care

It is best to hydrate the lips before applying makeup. So a good lip balm should be there in the kit. Carry few lip liners with minimum 2 darker shades and a few lighter ones.

lip liner

Carry a palette of creamy and moisturizing lip colours in various shades starting from nudes to crimsons to browns and pinks. Take utmost care to choose shades that are suitable for every complexion. Take a clear lip gloss to create high shine.

Fixers And Setters

An assortment of setting powders for light, medium and dark complexions should be there. This will help to create a long lasting makeup. A fixing spray is equally important.