10 Tips To Make Eyes Look Bigger

10 Tips To Make Eyes Look Bigger

10 Tips To Make Eyes Look Bigger No one is perfect, not even the hottest of  tinsel town divas. It is the magic wand of makeup that creates the illusion of perfect features, which can make anyone look million dollars. With make up tricks you can highlight the best and cover not-so-good assets of your body. Especially, for eyes, make up can make or break the look.

Big eyes are often considered as the most beautiful part of the face. Gorgeous, large eyes can divert all the attention from the less beautiful features on your face. However, not everyone is blessed with talking eyes. Here are some of the make up tricks to make eyes look bigger for that enchanting gaze, which will speak volumes about your beauty, without even uttering a word.

How to Make Eyes Look Bigger

Curl the Upper Eyelashes

Curling the upper eyelashes before applying the mascara will open the eyes up, to make you look doe-eyed with pretty larger eyes. You can also curl your eyelashes after the application of mascara. Make sure the mascara has dried up before curling the lashes. You can warm up the curler before using it; however make sure it is not too hot to damage or hurt your eyes.

Don’t Curl Lower Lashes

As per the makeup experts, curling or application of mascara on lower lashes will make your eyes look smaller. Avoid playing around with lower lashes. However, for some women it proves to be otherwise. You must try it to figure out whether it works for you.

Concentrate On the Middle of the Lash Line

Application of eye definer or liner plays a significant role to give you the desired look. Trick to make your eyes bigger is to apply the definer till the middle of the lower lash line towards the outer corner of the eyes.

10 Tips To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Don’t cover the eyes from corner to corner; it will make your eyes look smaller. Similarly, if you are using the eyeliner on the upper lash line, start from the middle and smudge it out towards the outer corner. Focus to the highest and lowest point will make the eyes look wider and larger.

Stretch the Eyeliner Past the Outer Corner of the Eyes

Extending the liner ahead of the outer corner of the eyes, with little curves upwards will help the eyes look bigger than the actual.

Avoid Multi-Hued Eye Shadow

Too many different and bright shades will weigh down your eyes. Use two eyeshadow shades from the same color family, to add dimension to your eyes, making them look bigger than the actual.

White Shadow at the Inner Corner of the Eye

Application of white eyeshadow at the inner ridge of the eye, near the tear duct area is not only in-vogue; but also widens up the eyes to make them look bigger. Just a dash of white will brighten up your eyes, making you look seductively beautiful. An illuminating highlighter will also help you brighten up the eyes.

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Blue Eyeliner

Blue eyeliner will make the whites in your eyes look brighter and will give the illusion of the bigger and brighter eyes. Blue works for all eye colors.

10 Tips To Make Eyes Look Bigger

However, if you have brown eyes gold or pink will compliment your eyes the best. Pick up the sandy warm shades for your eyes, if you are blessed with naturally green eyes.

Keep Your Brows Neat and Defined

Clean, manicured brows can do wonders to your face. Well-defined brows create an illusion of large eyes.

Take Help of Fake Lashes

Fake eyelashes are the instant trick to make your eyes look bigger. Fake lashes will do the trick for you and will make your eyes appear bigger. However, make sure that you pick up good quality lashes and don’t resort to them too often. Frequent use of fake lashes can damage your real eyelashes.

Get Rid of Dark Circles and Puffiness Under the Eyes

Puffy eye bags and dark circles will shrink the dimension of your eyes, making it look smaller. You can use concealer to hide the dark circles. However, it is difficult to cover the eye bags. Take care of your eyes to keep them fresh and healthy. Doing away with the puffiness and dark spots will naturally open up your eyes, making it look prettier and bigger. Get enough sleep to keep your eyes fresh.