11 Best Home Remedies For Migraine Headache

Migraine Headache

Migraine HeadacheMany people are nowadays suffering from migraine headache. It is believed to be so severe that it stops you from doing your daily chores. The headache might continue for two to three hours or two-three days that you cannot even leave the bed. Actually the migraine begins from one side of the head and gradually the pain spreads to the other side and to the top. The victim may feel dull and sick.

One quick healer people switch to is having over-the-counter analgesics like aspirin and ibuprofen or put a balm on the forehead to stop the headache. Migraine attack may arise due to exhaustion, meal missed, taking birth control pills, hormonal fluctuations, eating very cold foods, lack of sleep etc. If you’re aware when the headache starts, you can quickly take effective steps to prevent it.

Sometimes you don’t understand the migraine signs and it has hit you badly. But when you implement on some home remedies you can get rid of the ache. We’ve discussed below 11 best home remedies for migraine headache.

Home Remedies For Migraine Headache

Hot Shower

When you’re having the feel that the migraine is going to haunt you go straight to the bathroom and take a hot shower bath so that it goes through your neck. You need to stand under the shower for some time. The more amount of hot water enters through your neck, extra pressure will be lessened and you’ll feel much better.

Hot Shower

Your body can get detoxed when you have bath in hydrogen peroxide and your headache slows down. You feel relaxed after the bath as hydrogen peroxide works as a magic.

Hot Tea

Hot tea is considered as a good remedy as it works wonders for your migraine headache. Your head is choked because of migraine but the moment you sip a cup of hot tea, all your stress releases and you feel calmed.

hot tea

For getting the perfect results you can include a teaspoon of honey to the hot tea. You can even trial with mint tea or chamomile tea.

Peppermint Oil Remedy

Peppermint oil can be treated as a great healer for migraine headache. You can take some drops of peppermint oil in your hand and rub on that part of the head that aches sternly. If the ache stays on for few days or it occurs at a particular time then you massage it beforehand so that it won’t affect you much.

Peppermint Oil

You can even massage your head with tea tree oil on your tensed muscles. When you press your head portion with this oil your tension gets loosened completely.

Vitamin B12 Home Remedy

It is regarded that vitamin B12 (riboflavin) behaves as a defensive measure for migraines. One vitamin B12 (400 milligrams a day) can help you as a beneficial dose for eradication of migraine headache.

Fish Oil Remedy


If you like to eat fish, then you can prepare it in fish oil which decreases the soreness and it acts while restraining the blood vessels in your temples. When the fish oil is taken two to three times a week, the migraine may decrease steadily.

Magnesium as Home Remedy

When you’re having menstrual-related migraines and migraines linked with auras, the magnesium when acquired in 400-600 milligrams doses/day will be valuable for your head pain. You can then continue your work soundly and feel free too from headache.

Ginger or Ginger Capsules Remedy


You can be free from migraine when you eat few pieces of ginger in your diet or add them in tea. You can also ingest ginger capsules at the time when you’re facing migraine for few days with the advice of doctor.

Headband as Home Remedy

For some people a headband may work nicely when they tie it on their heads for one to two hours. As the band is tie it can act as a healer and the pain might alleviate soon. But do not tie the headband for a longer period. The moment you feel the pain is easing remove the band from your head.

Caffeine as Home Remedy

Drinking right amount of caffeine under doctor’s guidance will be truly advantageous for your migraine headache. Instead of taking painkillers you can have caffeine which can limit the blood vessels and lower the intense pain. But do not drink excess caffeine as this may totally worsen your headache.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Water always is useful and in this case the more you drink the better you’ll experience from the terrible migraine. Hence you are advised to intake around two big bottles of water per day.

Hot or Cold Bag as Home Remedy

You must be having hot bag at home. What you can do is either put hot water inside the bag and press your head on the portion where it is paining, or else you can put ice pieces and do the same. As the pressure from your head liberates you feel energetic by the shrinking of migraine pain.

Therefore do not fail to experiment with the above migraine headache home remedies.