11 Best Home Remedies For Tooth Pain

Toothache Pain

ToothachesThere is nothing more painful than a toothache. I am sure a lot of you will agree to this. When one suffers from tooth pain there is hardly anything else you can think about.

The lingering pain is enough to drive you crazy. Tooth pain is caused by cavities that have damaged the tooth. Sometimes, one also experiences toothache while having something very cold or hot. Although, going to the dentist will be your first preference, there are many simple home remedies that will help you get relief from the excruciating pain.

Effective Home Remedies For Tooth Pain


Cloves have natural analgesic properties. Place a clove on the affected tooth and chew on it. You can also apply clove oil by dabbing a little on a cotton ball and placing in on the tooth. You will get relief within a few hours.


However, do note that continuous use of clove oil can burn or damage tissue or nerves. Children and pregnant women are recommended not to use clove oil.


Use salt to get rid of toothache. Gargle with some warm salty water. The salt helps in reducing the swelling. Do this a few times to get relief.

Garlic and Rock Salt

Chew on to some garlic and a little rock salt. Place a clove of garlic on the painful tooth along with some rock salt. Bite and hold it against the tooth to get instant relief.


Vanilla extract is used by many people as a painkiller to get relief from tooth pain. Apply some on the tooth using a cotton ball.


guava leaves

Another reason to plant a guava tree is that it can help you get rid of the occasional toothache. The leaves of the guava tree are an effective remedy for getting rid of tooth pain. Just chew some of it to get immediate results.


Wheatgrass juice is used as an effective mouthwash. It treats dental decay and kills bacterial growth. Rinse your mouth with it to draw out all the pain causing toxins.


This solution helps in giving instant relief. Ground a tablespoon of asafoetida with some lemon juice. Heat this solution and apply it on the painful tooth using a cotton ball.


Pepper is also used to treat a painful tooth. Mix a pinch of pepper with salt or clove oil and apply it on the cavity or the affected tooth. The pepper will draw out the pain giving much relief.



Alcohol has antiseptic and astringent properties. Swish some whiskey around your mouth, holding it over the affected tooth. Spit it out. You can also dab a little brandy on the tooth using a cotton ball.

Tea Bag

Another remedy to get rid of tooth ache is to press a hot tea bag on the tooth. Do this to get instant relief.


Onion helps to kill the bacteria in the cavities that are causing pain. Chewing on a piece of onion and pressing it against the affected tooth or the cavity will give you instant relief.

These were a few home remedies to treat tooth pain. Try these before rushing to the dentist or till you get an appointment. In case you are experiencing severe pain and/or bleeding gums it is best to go to a dentist immediately.