11 Home Remedies For Stomach Ulcers

Stomach UlcersA very painful and difficult to tackle stomach problem is that of ulcers. Home remedies for stomach ulcers are quite effective in healing the digestive system and reducing the pain caused by these ulcers. Home remedies basically involve the use of home based products which are easily available.

These are popular since they do not have any side effects and offer relief. Here are some common remedies which can give you relief if you suffer from such conditions.

Stomach Ulcers Home Remedies

Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice is known to cure stomach ulcers in just ten days – so this is the most recommended home remedy for stomach ulcer problems. You will need fresh cabbage to prepare this juice. Around 250 gm of fresh cabbage needs to be boiled thoroughly in at least 500 ml of water.

Cabbage Juice

You have to keep it boiling, till the water evaporates. Once done, you can cool it. This water can be stored and had two times in a day. To add more nutrition, you can add carrot juice too in the water which will help to cool your stomach and used as an effective treatment.

Wood Apple Leaves

You need to collect all leaves of wood apple and clean them under running water thoroughly. These can then be soaked in water for at least 9 hours or overnight. Early, the next morning, water can be strained and drunk. This will help in reducing the pain caused by stomach ulcers. If you wish to see quick results, have this water for at least two weeks.

Lime Treatment

Lime Treatment

Lime is known for several of its medicinal properties. Those who suffer from stomach ulcers can have lime as a regular part of their diet. The citric acid and mineral salts present in lime helps in tackling the ulcer problem. Try to include plenty of lime juice in all your salads or drink lime juice in abundance to get all its benefits.

Bananas And Milk

Have a glass of milk and at least two bananas everyday if you suffer from stomach ulcer related problems quite often. This helps in treating the ulcers and helps in reducing the acidity levels. It also helps in reducing the irritation which is caused in the intestine due to the presence of ulcers.

Raw Honey

This is known as common remedy for ulcer problem. Honey is full of healing properties. It helps in attacking bacteria present in the stomach and also helps in strengthening the lining of stomach. Hence, include it as a medicine in your daily meals.

Raw Honey

Try to have it with a glass of warm water in the money, or spread it over wheat bread or simply use it on your dessert. It will help in reducing the inflammation caused due to ulcers, giving you relief from pain.

Goat Milk

A glass of chilled goatmilk everyday is known to be very effective in treating stomach ulcer problems.

Mixed Vegetable Juice

Vegetables are loaded with plenty of nutrients which includes vitamins and minerals. Prepare fresh juice from carrots, spinach, beetroot and cucumber every morning and have it as a part of your breakfast. This mixed vegetable drink is very nutritious, filling and will offer relief from stomach ulcers.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds

Prepare tea using fenugreek seeds and have it at least three times in a day to see results. Fenugreek seeds are very effective in treating stomach ulcer problems and will offer relief in a short time.

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Eat Small Portions

If you are suffering from ulcers you need to eat small meals throughout the day. Never give more than 3 hours of gap between your meals because during this time, digestive acids can cause harm. Having frequent meals will help in preventing excessive digestive acids production which can attack the inner linings of your stomach in the absence of food. If you keep eating small meals throughout the day, your food gets digested quickly and you will not face any pain in your stomach due to ulcers.

Drumstick Paste

Prepare a paste using fresh drumsticks and mix it with yogurt and honey if needed. Consume it everyday as a medicine to get relief from stomach ulcer problems.

Foods To Avoid

There are many foods which irritate the stomach through reactions of ingredients present. Some such items which you need to avoid are spicy food, hot food, too much sweets, citrus juices, alcohol and coffee.

Foods To Avoid

Try out any of the above home remedies for stomach ulcer problems – you are surely going to get relief. If you are aware of any more remedies, do share them with us.

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