12 Creative Appealing Nail Decorating Ideas

Creative Appealing Nail Decorating Ideas

Perfectly chiseled nails with some glossy paint or color on them look so gorgeous. But what’s new in that? Add a little more glamour to them by adorning with trendy designs, jewels, glitters, and charms!

Nail decoration art is in full vogue these days and being a girl, you may be tempted to do it at least once. There are many spectacular ways of embellishing the nails; sport whatever look or design appeals you the most.


This adds a style to your nails; just buy some glitter from the market and sprinkle it over wet nail-polish. Powder more if you want a more dazzling look. There are some nail polishes that already have glitter in them. In order to apply, use a fine narrow brush and spread it out evenly. Make sure to match the glitter color with the outfit that you wear.


Decorative Stickers:

These are quite a rage these days. They not only adhere well to your nails, but can be garnished with a lot of accessories like gems, jewels, and rhinestones. They come in a plenitude of alluring designs. Choose the best one for you and you are done! These are made up of rubber and hence are stretchable to fit your nail length. But be wary of low quality ones that loose flexibility after a short time.

Most of the stickers have resin as their base that sticks well. Those with rhinestones on them look exceptionally elegant and these can also be applied directly over wet nail polish. Most of the stickers are covered with a coat to add finish to them. Sporting them with acrylic nails is also a cool idea. Zillions of art deigns are available to you; use your own creativity to play with these and make your nails look as trendy as you can.

Decorative Stickers

Gold Nails:

Another way to look mod is to wear gold nails. They mostly look attractive on little fingers. Wear them either directly on your nails or glue them on acrylic ones, though they look best on natural nails.

Gold Nails


Let lose your creativity in this one… It requires a stencil that is readily available from the market. Choose the ones that look good to you. Thoroughly cleanse your nails and cover them with a basecoat. Let it dry, then, apply nail paint.

The color of the paint will form the background for your airbrushing. Now, place the stencil over nails. You are free to choose its position. Airbrush the color (different from the nail paint color) over the stencil. Let the nails dry for some time. You can use a dryer for that purpose.


Textured Nail Paints:

The more innovative approach is the use of textured nail coats. You can choose from several types of textures for adorning your nails. There are some that will make your nails look like as if they are made of rubber while others will leave them with crackled look. Fabric and matte textures are also quiet common. Suchnail polishes aren’t too expensive and let you do something different with your nails.

Textured Nail Paints


These are the craziest of all the creative ideas as far as nail decoration is concerned. These charms are attached to nails by drilling a hole; they resemble earrings. So many designs are available. You can don them under the expert guidance of some professional.


Solar Nails:

Yet another innovative and fashionable way to glamorize your nails is via solar nails. Made in acrylic, these nails are worn by women directly over their nails. Instead of being used as nail-elongations, they are used to embellish whole portion of the nail. In addition to acting as a piece of beauty, these protect your natural nails from breaking or cracking. And the best part is that, the solar nails are not too delicate; are easy to maintain, and are long-lasting.

Solar Nails

Nail Pen:

This art pen leaves you with myriad opportunities to explore your imagination and paint your nails with dozens of different designs. The pen lets you paint the nails with beautiful designs. Just let your imagination go wild to give them exotic look. A benefit of the nail pen is that it adheres very well to the nails and does not chip after a few days. Its lustrous look lasts quiet long. So, whenever you feel like doing something new to your nails, paint them with nail pen and every time with a different one.

Nail Pen


Nail Printers:

Sounds odd but a nail printer is the avant-garde of all the leading technologies used for nail embellishment. The machine paints on your nails very intricate and quality designs that are programmed into it. You can have your nails printed with spectacular images and patterns that have a realistic look about them.

Nail Printers


To create a marble effect on nails is easy. Take a bowl filed to its brim with water. Add different colors one by one. Add as many colors as you like. Using a thin stick, try making different designs of colors within water. Make sure that the mixture is thick enough so that it can be applied as a coat. Dip your nail in it so that the texture created by different colors get printed on it. Wipe off the any extra color that attaches skin surrounding the nail.



Decorate the plain nail paint buy adding flicks to it. To begin with, decide the color of flicks that you would be using. If your nail polish is dark-colored, you must choose light colors for the streaks. Use a brush with thin bristles, dip into the acrylic color and start drawing some fine streaks over the surface. Try to draw as thin and fine as possible. After you are done, embellish further with some rhinestones.


Striping Tape:

These are available in market in many shades and are easy to apply. In addition to this, you can also try laser strands and laser lace. Enhance the beauty of your nails with these delicate fibers.

Spiff up your nails the way you like the most and let others swoon over them!!

Striping Tape