12 Wedding Day Makeup Essentials

12 Wedding Day Makeup Essentials

The happiness and enthusiasm of the bride during her wedding knows no bound. The auspicious occasion is marked with dressing the bride with beautiful bridal costumes and glowing makeup.

12 Wedding Day Makeup Essentials

Although mostly professional makeup artists are hired to make the bride look her best, sometimes the bride herself likes to try to get the look. Here are a few essential things for the wedding day makeup:

Best Wedding Day Makeup Essentials


This will refine any visible pores and even out the complexion. It can ensure a velvety base for a long lasting makeup.


Longwear Foundation

A matte foundation for long lasting makeup is very essential. The bus bride’s routine activities and her anxiousness can lead her to sweat. To prevent this, a matte longwear foundation is very necessary.



The bride should ideally look flawless in high lighting and photographs. This will be possible by camouflaging imperfections like zits and dark circles with a concealer.


Setting Powder

The long hours of merry making and dancing with friends can ruin makeup. So it is best to use a loose translucent powder with a fluffy brush to set the makeup.

setting powder


A light-reflecting illuminator can make a bride radiate throughout the day. For a brighter effect blend a creamy blush with the illuminator on the apples of the cheeks.


Shadow Base

No matter what colour you want to apply, take a lighter version of that shade to create a base. If you want to go for a grey smoky eye look, choose a very light grey as a base.

shadow base

Darker Shadow

Use a darker hue of the same colour to apply on the contours and crease to intensify the look. For grey smoky eyes use a darker grey on the crease. This will give sultry and sexy eyes.

darker shadow

Waterproof Eye Liner

This is your day of mixed emotions and feelings and you may often end up with tears rolling down. You don’t want your eye makeup to be washed away with that, so go for a waterproof liner that will not easily get wiped and give a perfect looking eyes for hours.

waterproof eyeliner

Waterproof Mascara

Long lashes are the most attractive part of the eye. It is best to use waterproof voluptuous mascara for a dramatic and long lasting look.

waterproof mascara

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Lip Liner

A perfectly defined lips are best suited for the occasion. Define and contour your lips with a lip liner that exactly matches your lip colour. You can recreate the volume of your lips by drawing the line slightly away from your actual lips if they are too thin.

lip liner

Longwear Lipstick

It is important to use a lipstick that can stay for hours without getting smudged or bleeding out. The best way to apply the lipstick is to start off by applying concealer on the lips and then applying layers while blotting. 2-3 coats of lipstick with blotting will ensure a long lasting effect.

longwear lipstick

Setting Spray

A makeup setting spray is very important to fix your makeup. After you are done with your makeup, just spray the product on the face. It will help you fix the makeup as well as make it last for a very long time, no matter how much you sweat it out.

setting spray