13 Best Hair Care Tips For Damaged Hair

13 Best Hair Care Tips For Damaged Hair

13 Best Hair Care Tips For Damaged Hair You must know about the structure of hair, which is composed of three layers. The use of heat for styling can damage the hair and make it frizzy. Thus, it is important to moisturize the hair when using heat for styling the hair. Hair also becomes dry due to weather conditions.

The use of chemicals on the hair damages it. If you have damaged hair, consider the following tips for its care.

Hair Care Tips for Damaged Hair

Proper Blow Drying

For blow-drying the hair, keep the heat setting as low as possible. Do not dry completely and let the hair be a little damp so that it dries naturally.

Use A Wide Comb

Comb the hair with a comb having wide teeth. Avoid using a brush to untangle the wet hair.

Use Natural Home Products

For the natural treatment and care of damaged hair, use home products from the kitchen. Mayonnaise and eggs are very effective for damaged hair. If you have dry, frizzy hair and dandruff, use vinegar.

Use Gentle Shampoo

13 Best Hair Care Tips For Damaged Hair

Use a gentle shampoo for damaged hair. Use a shampoo one or two times in a week. Use lukewarm water for rinsing the hair on the other days.

Use Light Conidtioner

Use light conditioner daily. Use leave-in variety conditioner for everyday use and a deep conditioner for weekly use. Use conditioners having sunscreen as it protects the hair from sun damage.

Wear Swim Cap

Wear a swim cap in the pool while swimming. It protects the hair from the harmful effect of chlorine present in the pool water.

Wear Scarf And Hat

Protect your hair by wearing a scarf and a hat when the weather is windy.

H2 Ion Treatment

Use products that repair all the layers of the damaged hair, instead of acting upon the cuticle only. H2 Ion helps in moisturizing and repairing the damaged hair. It penetrates deep into the hair. It moisturizes the hair shaft and protects the hair from humidity. H2 has Ionic compounds, which repair the damaged, brittle and frizzy hair. For the good health of hair, you must use H2 Ion regularly. The Ion works when you style and blow-dry the hair.

Use Of Hot Oil

13 Best Hair Care Tips For Damaged Hair

If you want to buy a hair treatment from the store, choose treatments that include hot oil. Apply the oil on the hair at night. Wash the hair the next morning. Do not use a harsh shampoo for washing the hair.

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Minimize The Use Of Heat Stylers

Do not use heat stylers that are harsh as it results in a dry as well as brittle hair. Avoid the excessive use of curlers and hot rollers. Use hair protector before using heat treatments.

Proper Haircut

Style the hair in haircuts that hides the damaged hair. Choose styles that do not need heat treatments and harmful chemical products for maintenance.

Avoid Chemical Treatments

Using chemical treatments for styling the hair can damage the hair. Such treatments include perming, dyeing, relaxers and other treatments. For the repair and care of chemically damaged hair, use H2 Ion. Control and limit the use of chemical treatments. Use chemical treatments in 8-10 weeks. Read the instructions for using perms and dyes carefully and follow them.

Use the correct dosage and amount of chemical treatments that give you the desired look without damaging the hair. Find the correct amount and frequency of a chemical styling that prevents hair damage. Consult a stylist about methods of use of chemical treatments that do not cause damage.

Consult A Stylist

Do not try to resolve the problem of hair damage due to chemical treatments used at home on your own. Take professional help and consult a stylist.