1940’S Wedding Hairstyles For Women

Wedding hairstyle1940’s decade bridal hairstyles were all about perfect styling and voluminous hair. More than style it was about delicate curls and curves that looked perfectly elegant. Movie stars like Veronica Lake and Lauren Bacall were icons for long curling styles.

The early 40’s hairstyles are said to be one of the most stylish hairstyles in the history of hair fashion. Though in the mid 40’s hairstyles were more complicated with fabric rationing to impact the dressing for the brides-to-be. Creativity was the essence of hair styling because after all it takes a lot of patience and practice to get that ultra glamorous and flattering looks.Here are some popular and wedding hairstyles you can try that dominated the 1940’s.

Popular Wedding  Hairstyles For Women

The Big Braided Bun

The Big Braided Bun is a combination of style and elegance. Easy to make and maintain for the big ceremony. It is easy to tie up the bun. Firstly, you need to take top hair strands of your hair, leaving an inch at the front and tie it into braids inside out till the end at a side.

braided bun

Leaving the front hair, make a pony tail of the rest of your hair and tie into a big bun. After that wrap the braided hair along the base of the bun and pin in place. This can be accompanied with a flower for a rich look.

The Gibson Roll

Tucked beautifully with little strands falling on the collar bone, this hairstyle surely must have taken away the breaths of many grooms in 1940’s. The easiest way to assemble it is by making a tight pony tail, as tight as if you were planning to pull out all your hair.

gibson roll

Make a gap between the scalp and the pony tail with a roller or a finger and then keep rolling till the ponytail holder can be tucked as close as possible to the scalp. The roll can be tucked high, semi-high or low as it looks great in all three.

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Halo Braid

Halo Braids is a classic look which can even be seen on red carpets today. To tie up a halo braid, make a centre parting and inverse braid up the hair taking small sections starting from the locks portion.

halo braid style

As you move down to the sides and back, take strands of hair and keep adding it to the braids as you move till u reach the other side’s front. Once done, complete by neatly pinning up the end under the braids where u started from. Making an entire circle, like a halo on your head. You can accessorize with real flowers to give an angelic look.

Birdcage Veil

Instead of the traditional full length veil, style was added by making the veil small that covered only a little of the forehead of the bride.

birdcage veil

The small piece of the net, to be used as the veil for the wedding gown, is taken; about 9 inches long. It is then stitched along both the side individually and then folded into double. Then carefully place it above any hairdo so that a small portion falls right above the eyes. It can be given a trendy and soft look with floral accessories, or ultra simple with plain birdcage veil.