2012 Hot Summer Fashion Trends

2012 Hot Summer Fashion Trends

This summers floral prints are on the top of the list. Women always prefer to wear shorts in summer so jeans shorts are also in. Chunky bangles, wristwatches, flowery sandals, heritage print are also in the list. Summers are all about bright colors so you should always go for something colorful and trendy.

This summers dazzling prints, bright colors and bold prints are new styles. For this summer you can go in for neon colors, dyeing your hair or buying a pair of colored jeans. Dresses and skirts are must haves for summer but this year fashion designers have introduced many vivid kind of fun fashions.

Fashion Trends this Summer

Floral Prints

Floral prints are on the top of the list this summer. Floral jeans trend have become one of the biggest trend this season. Go in for soft pastel as well as loud hues with floral prints.

2012 Hot Summer Fashion Trends

This kind of denim can be accompanied along with tops, cardigans and even colorful jackets. Pair up your floral print tops or dresses with bold colors. You can enjoy this season with cool and comfy floral prints feminine dresses too.

Pastel Colors

Fill your wardrobe with pastel color dresses being the softest way to achieve this trend. Soft colors give a feminine feeling and make you feel light in this hot summer. Pastel leather jackets are a big trend this season.

Neon Colors

Neon colors are also in trend this season it makes you look more bright and bold. You can go in for neon colors for almost everything be it be dresses or sandals or handbags or nails or even your hair to get a different look.

2012 Hot Summer Fashion Trends

Don’t go in for wearing too many neon pieces at the same time and wear them only if you can carry them off carefully. Adding neon colored pieces can add fun to your otherwise boring wardrobe.

Colored Jeans

Fill in your wardrobe with super trendy colored jeans. Bright and pastel skinny jeans can be paired up with blouses, tops, jackets and blazers to get an attractive look. Colored jeans are available in various colors such as neon pink, neon blue, hot red, mint, yellow etc. You can team up your colored jeans with handbags and shoes to avoid color overload.

Colorful Blazers

2012 Hot Summer Fashion Trends

You can look different by wearing colorful blazers along with capris, skirts, shorts, denims, dresses etc to give an urban element to your outfit. you can make your blazers eye – catching by pairing it with simple pieces. Blazers are no longer limited to the board room this summer.


Stripes are also in the list in this season. Stripes are seen not only on dresses and tops but also on handbags and shoes. You can pair up your stripes to with flare -line skirt and get a chic casual look.


2012 Hot Summer Fashion Trends

Before laces were only seen on wedding dresses but this summer designers have added them not only to the dresses, skirts, blouses and tops but also to the shoes and handbags. You can wear lacey tops with a pair of jeans add glam to your boring outfit.

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This summer shorts that just hit the knee are in fashion these boyish kind of comfy shorts are preferred paired up with feminine tops. These should be loose and high waist to give you proper comfort and chic look.

Poppy Lip Colors

Painting your lip with loud hues can make you stand out from others and give you a different look. The top lip colors this summer are neon pink, hot red orange, coral pink and attractive tangerine.

2012 Hot Summer Fashion Trends

These lip colors will surely put all eyes on you so don’t be afraid to play with lip colors to get an attractive look.

Dye Hair Trend

Dye hair trend have caught everyone’s attention this season. It is a very trendy way to highlight the bottom tips of your hair. Dye your hair with bright colors such as red, blue, sea green, pink etc. choose the shade that balances your hair shade and your skin tone too. It gives you a daring and amazing look.

Jewelry and Junks

Chic and chunky necklaces add glamour to your simple outfit. Jewelries are perfect complementary accessory to look different. You can go in for gold necklaces, multi colored gemstone necklaces, pearls or metals etc.

2012 Hot Summer Fashion Trends

This summer you can even wear see through tops and dresses to flaunt your assets. Whatever you choose to wear this summer be careful that you don’t end up looking like a clown and choose everything intelligently according to your personality and occasion.