3 common body building myths

body-building-mythsMyths are flooded all over these days. Be it sports, education, traveling, cooking etc, that get passed to the new comers. Like wise the area of bodybuilding also has several myths which are dangerous as well as time wasting. In fact there are loads of free advices going around in the gym, which, if taken seriously can decrease your progress. This leads to frustration amongst the guys and make them think that they need to do extra to get the physique they desire.

Given below are some advices to avoid the pitfalls while you train.

1st myth; huge muscles slow you down: – the movement in our body is due to the muscles. From the minute action of the eyelid to the detailed function of the limbs. All the movement requires muscles. This myth has been around from the days when bodybuilders were known as muscle bound. But slowly people are realizing the importance of strong muscles. Be it baseball or ballet. Athletes are also discovering that the stronger the muscles, the stronger the athlete.

2nd myth; muscles turn to fat later: – fat tissues and muscle tissues are two different things and it is not possible for one of them to change into the other. Muscle tissues are also known as active tissues as they require a lot of energy for their maintenance. Each pound of muscle burns about 60 calories a day. Now if you have about 10 pounds of muscles to your credit then your calorie requirement will be 600. When you have developed more muscles, your appetite develops and consequently you end up eating more than usual. But if at any point you stop exercising and training then your muscles begin to shrink, and you will no longer need the extra calories which were required for your muscles. But if you keep eating the calories even though your muscles have disappeared and you are no longer training, then you will end up with extra fat on your body. This is where the myth comes from. Make the muscles you want, and make sure you go to the gym often to maintain them.

3rd myth; shock your muscles to keep them building. According to this myth you have to keep changing to different exercises and training routines so that you can surprise the muscles and get fresh results from them. This is a very funny myth but followed.

Productive strength training is easy as compared to the free flowing myths in the form of free advices going around in the gym. So be conscious, and think for your self before taking the free advices.