3 Effective Exercises To Tone Your Inner Thighs

Do you have heavy and flabby inner thighs? Have you started believing that you will never be able to get back your well-toned legs? If yes, then you might be wrong. If you have the inner urge to get toned legs and shed your inner thigh fat then no one can stop you from getting such legs. You can look attractive once again by possessing slim and trim body figure with toned inner thighs.

There are a number of exercises that are absolutely meant for toning inner thighs. You can start doing some of the selected exercises and tone up your inner thighs within a few months time. The only thing needed on your part is ‘commitment’. The rest of the things will be done by these thigh toning exercises. So, prepare your mind and get ready to include inner thigh toning exercises in your daily routine.

Given below are 3 effective exercises to tone your inner thighs.

Effective Exercises To Tone Your Inner Thighs

Donkey-Kick Exercise

Donkey-kick exercise is efficient for tightening and toning the inner thighs. But in order to get the best result, you will have to perform this exercise on a regular basis. To perform the donkey-kicks, you should kneel down keeping your knees and the arms on the floor.

Make sure that your knees are placed directly under your hips and the arms are placed under your shoulders. Your back should be straight. Now, you should draw one of your legs forward in the direction of your chin and then kick back your leg in the upward direction.

You should perform this procedure at least 10 times with each leg. After a few days, you should increase the number of repetitions up to 20 times per leg. You can further make this exercise difficult and effective by using a weight of 5-lb. on your ankles while carrying out this exercise.

Squeezing Exercise Balls

In this exercise, pressure is applied on the exercise balls by the inner thighs. This helps in toning the inner thighs. To perform this exercise, you should lie flat on the floor keeping the lower part of your body including the hips tightly placed on the ground.Now slightly raise your legs and keep them in the air without bending them.

Your arms should be placed at the sides of your body. Now, you should put the exercise ball in between your inner thighs and try to squeeze the ball by applying pressure. Remain in this position for at least 30 seconds and then release the pressure. When you do this, the ball will also exert pressure on your inner thighs to maintain its position. You should repeat this procedure at least 5 times.

Inner Thigh Firmer

You can perform the inner thigh firmer exercise by lying on the floor on any one of your sides. Let us assume that you lie on your right side. Now, you should bend your left leg on the floor and then pull out your right leg.

Then lift up the right leg slowly to a small height and remain in this position for a moment and then bring your left leg to the original position. Perform this exercise at least 10 times. Now change your side and repeat the same process with your other leg.

Photo Credit : Feelingcenter.hu