3 Effective Premature Grey Hair Treatments

3 Effective Premature Grey Hair Treatments

3 Effective Premature Grey Hair Treatments Every young people, particularly the women dream for black, shiny and lustrous hair. But premature grey hair is a common issue associated with the younger generation these days.

If you notice a few grey hair strands on your scalp, then you should not get panic. Having a few grey hairs during your young age is natural.

Premature grey hair is usually referred to the condition when nearly 50% of an individual’s hair turns white by the time he/she attains 40 years of age. Premature graying of hair can be the result of inappropriate diet and poor lifestyle. Other common causes of premature graying of hair may include thyroid problems, anemia, vitiligo, mental stress, use of certain hair care products, heredity, etc.

Whatever be the cause of premature graying of hair in your case, you can certainly look for some help to curb and reverse graying of hair. No medication or drug can claim that it can stop or cure your premature graying of hair completely.

Premature grey hair treatment should include identification of the root cause of the condition, which should be followed by correct treatment. Natural treatments can be quite beneficial in stopping the premature graying of hair. Some of the most effective premature grey hair treatments have been given below.

3 Effective Premature Grey Hair Treatments

Improvise Your Diet

In case you suffer from premature graying of hair, improvising your diet will help you to a great extent. Include variety of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Identify the foods that are rich in zinc, B-vitamins, iron, Vitamin A, copper, and protein and try to include them in your diet.

These ingredients are essential for the maintenance of healthy scalp and strong hair shaft. Fresh fruits and green vegetables contain plenty of antioxidants that fight the free radicals responsible for causing premature graying of hair.

Increase Your Intake Of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves can be consumed liberally for preventing premature graying of hair. These leaves can also be applied externally on the scalp and hair. Vital nutrients that have the ability to prevent premature gray hair are present in curry leaves.

These nutrients restore the hair follicles and replenish hair pigmentation. Hence, use it in different food recipes and consume liberally. You can prepare a recipe for application by adding small pieces of curry leaves in coconut oil and heating for a few minutes. After this concoction gets cool, you should massage your scalp with it.

Henna And Coconut Oil Treatment

Hair color can also be restored with the help of henna leaves. In fact, henna is widely used for treating premature grey hair. Take coconut oil in a small container and add to it sufficient amount of henna leaves. Heat it until the color of coconut oil changes to brownish color. This mixture will be ready for application after it cools down. Apply it liberally on your scalp and leave it for 40 minutes. Rinse it off with cool water. You will notice that your gray hair has turned deep brown in color.

If you are a teenager and experience premature grey hair, then you should consider it seriously. You should try to incorporate healthy changes in your diet, follow a proper hair care regimen and avoid smoking. All these efforts will help you in preventing premature grey hair.

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