3 Hairdos That Add Glamor To Long Faces

Hairstyle for long face

Hairstyle for long faceIf you have long face, you might frequently pass through a really challenging moment while trying to create a hairdo. All you wish to do is to scale down your face virtually and make you look stunning by means of a perfect hairdo.

But, do your ventures fail every time?Experts have a different opinion to give in this regard. They suggest that the right knowledge on hairdos for longer faces can make your positive facial features come to the forefront, while negative features get hidden. We have compiled some worth considering hairdos for longer faces. Have a look.

Different Hairdos For Long Faces

Elegant Bun

Buns may give you the greatest challenge in trying to make your long face appear a bit scaled down. But, we have come up with a suggestion that give buns a modern makeover. You need to comb your hair properly. Now, segregate your hair into smaller portions.  Leave sufficient portion of hair at your frontal portion to flaunt as side bang.

Hairdo for long face

Likewise, leave a few danglers towards the either side of your nape, which will flow freely over your shoulders. Fold the remaining portion of your mane into a neat bun at the extreme top part of your head. Secure the same with pins and hair net. Now, use iron rollers to work up loose curls in the danglers at your nape area. Spray setting gel to hold the entire style and apply softening mousse on the side bang to make it look soft and sorted out.

Bang And Spook

You might be an ardent fan of those straight, spooky hairs that flow loosely all along your shoulders. But the typical Chinese fringe that you have to go for every time in order to harmonize with your long face might appear too common a proposition. We have come up with a better alternative for you. Give your fringes a facelift this time.

Have a few strands at your forehead trimmed in the form of layers. Now, begin your hairdo by combing your hair properly and blow drying the same to add volume. Tame any frizz that might be present during this process. Next, concentrate on your fringe.

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The section that covers your forehead must be kept as it is.  Those at the sides should be set in an inward direction, using blow drier. Next, use your fingers to part your hair casually, so that it creates a careless side part.  Finish off by smearing serum all along your tresses for that much sought after lustrous look.

Casual Locks

This hairstyle is a sophisticated one that suits any corporate environment as well as casual events too. You do not have to be too much experimental with this hairdo. But, you need to have a few hair styling products that help you to get the most out of this hairdo.

Condition your hair properly prior to this hairdo, so that the natural silky feeling of your tresses is kept intact. Now, set your blow drier in the cool mode and set your hair as you dry it up. Use a comb to aid the process. Create a very short parting towards the left side of your forehead. Comb your tresses in such a way that the locks on either side of the ‘parting’ covers most of your face.