3 Homemade Hair Care Tips That Work Wonders

Hair Care Tips That Work Wonders

There are host of products and toiletries available at the stores which claim to make your hair softer and silkier. Some of them even give guarantee to solve your hair related problems permanently. But the debatable question that remains here is whether the claims they make are fully reliable or not.

You might be satisfied with a particular ready made product, but you may be equally perplexed to give it a clean chit. If someone is unfortunate, a product can give her the worst hair days of her life and the chemicals in her hair care product can cause permanent damage to her crowning glory! So, instead of juggling with a chemical hair product and homemade counterpart, it is safer and wiser to settle for the latter. Say your hair problems a permanent ‘goodbye’ with these homemade tips we have listed here.

Homemade Hair Care Tips

Egg Pack

There is hardly anybody, who is not aware of the immense nutritional benefits of eggs. Thus, this storehouse of dietary protein is equally beneficial for your hair too.  The bright yellow yolk, which contains fats and proteins, nourishes and moisturizes your hair and scalp.

Likewise, the white albumen comprises of bacteria eating enzymes, which remove excess oil and cuts down grime and dirt accumulated in the scalp. It is a great hair pack for all types of hair. While the entire egg is recommended for women with normal hair, just the white portion is all powerful in treating oily mane. Similarly, the driest hair will respond the most positively when you apply the yellow portion throughout the entire length.

Egg Pack

Sour Cream

If you have become irritated by trying your luck with a new cosmetic product every other day in order to make your dull hair look shiny and lively, sour cream is something worth giving a try. Dairy products cut down the shampoo and conditioner deposits on the scalp and hair. These natural treatments also reverse any damage caused to the hair due to regular usage of chemical counterparts.

Moreover, while lactic acid present in sour cream strips away the accumulated dirt on hair, natural milk fat moisturizes the same.  So, the recommended dose of sour cream hair musk is half a cup. Massage it onto your scalp and coat it along your entire hair length. Leave it on for twenty minutes and wash off with regular water and mild shampoo. Opt for this treatment at least after every fifteen days and you will be amazed with its brilliant outcome.

Sour Cream


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Flat Beer

If you have enjoyed beer throughout the summer, now it is the time for your hair to say ‘cheers’ as well.  Actually, flat beer is one of the most effective and wondrous treatments that make limp hair bouncy and voluminous.  The fermentation process, which is the primary method in the preparation of beer, supplies the same with generous proportions of yeast.

This helps in energizing the tired manes! Thus, allow half a cup of beer to stand for a couple of hours, so that carbonation gets depleted. Now, mix a teaspoon of light oil and a raw egg and apply it onto your scalp. Leave it on for fifteen minutes and rinse off with cool water. Follow this treatment in a regimented manner every other week and you will soon boast about your beautiful hair!

Flat Beer

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