3 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair To Sport This Season

3 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair To Sport This Season

Styling experts believe that women with long tresses have an advantageous position when it comes to hair care.  Thus, if you have long and enviable manes all you need to do is to be a bit methodical in controlling the long strands and creating an eye catching hairstyle that will be a showstopper wherever you go. 

We bring here a few latest hairstyles meant for long hair which will certainly amuse you. Thus, scroll down and get hold of the one that suits you best.

Latest Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ethnic Updo

Updo is one of the most common yet hot favorite hairstyles of women.  If you have long mane, you can experiment with a range of hairdos that will suit every occasion. The one we have described here does not take much time at all. Start off by back brushing your hair. Next, you need to tie your tresses into a ponytail in a super high position of your head.

3 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair To Sport This Season

Now, segregate the entire bunch of hair into two smaller bunches. Hold one bunch at a time and roll over each other. For instance, if you are starting with the bunch towards your left, pull it up and roll it across the main ponytail grid in anti-clockwise direction. When the entire length has been used, pin in nicely so that the tips remain hidden.

Follow the similar method with the bunch towards your right side as well. The only difference this time is that you need to roll it in a clockwise direction, over the already made bun. Pin it again when it is done and adorn with copper hairpins and broach that have ethnic designs. Do not make it too neat as casual updo looks best with this style.

Casual Spook

If you wish to sport an uber cosmopolitan look, spooky straight tresses will be an ideal one. If you are naturally gifted with plain hair, you do not need to do much other than simple blow-drying the entire length. But, if you have wavy or frizzy hair, go for a salon treatment to opt for a temporary straightening.

3 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair To Sport This Season

When the entire length has been done, use iron rollers to roll back the strands at the frontal part of your face in an outward direction. This will give an oval and a round face the best treatment. But if your facial contour is elongated, a thick front bang will look best with this style. Finish off by smearing your hair with light reflecting serum and brushing it neatly. Now, let it flow naturally all along your shoulders.

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Pastoral Braid

Braids have been one of the well loved carefree styles since yesteryear. Women learn to make braids right from their schooldays. This time you can add a dramatic touch to your schoolgirl braid so that it becomes your best hairstyle for a casual get together or picnic. Pull your entire tresses towards any one of your shoulder.

3 Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair To Sport This Season

Comb your hair gently and use your fingers to make a casual braid. Leave considerable length towards the end and secure it with a colorful elastic band. Do not be too neat with this style as you will look like a formal school girl. Let the loose strands hang freely over your forehead and along your nape. You can, at the most, accessorize your braid by putting a stone encrusted broach right from where it starts.