3 Popular Types Of Comfy Shoes

types of comfy shoes

types of comfy shoesPeople who wear ill fitting or tight shoes often complain of excessive pain in their foot. It is absolutely worthless to invest a lot of money on a pair of shoes which will cramp your feet and toes and leave you in excruciating pain by the end of the day.

Wearing uncomfortable or ill fitting shoes over a long period of time can injure your feet and affect your posture.

Comfortable Foot Wear

A good pair of shoes is one which is not only stylish in appearance, but also comfortable to wear. The three factors which must be considered while purchasing a new pair of shoes are style, good fit and durability. Of these three factors pay more heed to comfort while selecting a pair of shoes.

With the large variety of shoes available today, one can easily purchase a pair of shoes that is not only stylish but comfortable as well. A recent survey conducted by the American Podiatric Medical association revealed that nearly 84 percent of all women chose comfort over style when in came to purchasing foot wear.

Through this article we will examine few popular shoe types which are not only stylish in appearance but extremely comfortable to wear as well.


Flat shoes are a superb every day option. The flat shoes are practical yet stylish choice in foot wear for casual and business settings. You can choose from either casual, dressy, or Jane style flat  or Jane style flat shoe.  Flat shoes come in a mind boggling array of styles and colors.  Tennis shoes, ballet flats and flip flops are a few examples of flat shoes.

Most flat shoes come with either thick, thin or paper soles. These shoes are far more comfortablle on the feet than shoes with block heels or stilettos.  While selecting flats, choose one which fits your feet snugly and does not put undue strain or pressure on the toes.


Sneakers are one of the best examples of casual foot wear. These widely popular shoes are worn by children and adults alike. Most people buy sneakers because of its versatility and comfort factor.

The way sneakers are constructed is what makes them such comfortable choices in foot wear. Most sneakers come with built in support and padding. In fact, one can boldly state that sneakers are the most comfortable foot wear that has ever been invented.

Sneakers go by several names including trainers, kicks, runners and tekkies. Originally these shoes typified the hip hop culture of the early 1970’s. These shoes are made from flexible material and have rubber soles. Today most major shoe brands including PUMA, Nike and Addidas manufacture sneakers.


Sandals are available in many different styles. From flat sandals to high heeled sandals the choices in this type of foot wear are absolutely endless. A sandal is a type of outdoor footwear which leaves most of the upper part of the foot exposed. These shoes are not only stylish in appearnce but inexpensive as well. Few of the popular variants in sandals are Patten, Clog, Paduka and Jipsin.

The soles of this popular foot wear are made from either wood, tatami, rubber, leather or rope. These stylish shoes are not only practical but extremely comfortable to wear as well.

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