3 Stylish Leather Jackets For Women

3 Stylish Leather Jackets For Women

3 Stylish Leather Jackets For Women Leather jackets are the perfect mélange of style, expediency and comfort. Leather jackets come in a range of styles and can be constructed from different types of leather. The reason why fashion conscious people choose jackets constructed from leather is because it is an enduring fashion staple.

If you are a fashion conscious individual chances are you will have at least one timeless leather jacket in your closet.

Stylish Leather Jackets for Women

The demand for leather jackets will never peter out. In fact, the demand for quality leather jackets seems to be increasing by leaps and bounds. We often associate leather jackets with brawny biker boys or military personnel. But even women can look good in leather jackets. Leather jacket designs and patterns can be tweaked to suit the feminine personality.

Women prefer leather jackets constructed from lambskin or sheep skin, because coats constructed from these pelts tend to have a superior drape and are softer on the skin. Today, women can choose from a range of leather jackets which will not just complement their unique persona but make them look extremely trendy as well. Listed below are three awesome leather jacket styles for women.

Leather Bomber Jackets for Women

Bomber jacket, the edgy fashion essential, has come a long way since its inception as standard military attire for British and American pilots during World War II. Bomber jacket, which has a rough and tough design, helps to keep the wearer toasty warm. The bomber jacket is a short jacket which typically ends at the waist.

Different type of pelts including sheep, lamb, ox, buffalo, cow and even crocodile hide can be used to construct a bomber jacket. Women’s bomber jackets are typically constructed using lamb skin or cow hide. To fit a woman’s naturally curvaceous body, a small amount of spandex may also be used along with natural leather.

3 Stylish Leather Jackets For Women

To enhance the feeling of warmth, bomber jackets may be lined with a nylon shell or flannel lining. To make women’s bomber jacket look even more appealing, certain unique fashion details like chains, metal studs and / or metal rings may be incorporated into its design.

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Leather Motorcycle Jackets for Women

Motorcycle jackets are synonymous with brawny men who ride monstrous looking bikes. But motorcycle jackets can also be worn by women with elan. Motorcycle jackets are a must for biker aficionados. Motorcycle jacket is a functional clothing accessory which does not compromise on fashion. Women’s motorcycle leather jackets are designed to look great on testosterone fueled female bikers.

A classic biker jacket should sit just above your belt. The functional motorcycle jacket also protects the rider from the elements. Women’s motorcycle jackets are constructed using suede or cow hide. This iconically sexy jacket comes in a range or colors – although dolphin grays, blacks and dark brown colors look the best.

Leather Field Jackets for Women

Field jackets also known as M-65 field jackets, initially designed for the US military; is a guaranteed investment in style. Field jackets made from leather are rugged, utilitarian outerwear which is ideal for transitional weather conditions. The classic field jacket is constructed from nubuck leather.

The military style field jacket ends at the waist. The typical field jacket will feature a small protective hood, large hip pockets and a sturdy front zipper. Leather field jackets for women are available in a variety of colors, but field jackets in shades of green are extremely popular.