3 Tips For Choosing The Best Set Of Hair Extensions

Tips for Choosing the Best Set of Hair Extensions

Tips for Choosing the Best Set of Hair ExtensionsIf you have decided to get hair extensions, it is very important to pick out the right ones that not only look good but would also last long and not lead to any long term hazards such as alopecia. Here is an all-inclusive and comprehensive guide for choosing the right kind of hair extensions that would help you ensure that you do not end up wasting money on low quality ones that would fail to last more than one month, damage your hair from the roots or cause alopecia.

The key is to pick out the hair extensions that would help you instantly gain volume, length or simply a celebrity hair style.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Set of Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions

These types of hair extensions can prove to be a great investment for most people. The best thing about these extensions is that they allow you to alter your look instantly and achieve hairstyles that you would normally not be able to do without waiting for several months to grow your hair long. You would actually be surprised to know that most of the celebrities out there are wearing extensions.

The main reason why you should go for clip-ins is that the can be applied quite quickly and you are free to give your hair roots the much needed rest as you can remove them whenever required, which is not possible with permanent hair extensions. Also, they are remarkably inexpensive and cost around $50-100.

Tips for Choosing the Best Set of Hair Extensions

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The Right Weight of Hair Extensions

The ideal weight for a good set of hair extension that would suit almost 90 percent of the people around the world is 120 grams. This weight can go up to 160 grams for those who have thick hair. Using extensions over 160 grams would increase the risk of alopecia.

Though you may be enticed by the thought of having thick and luscious hair, but you must always ignore all salons, stores or websites offering hair extensions with more weight than 160 grams.

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Choosing the Right Quality of Hair

Though all suppliers would claim that they are offering you the best hair available, but this is not always true. If you are looking for durable stitching, that doesn’t matte and would be able to hold a curl, it would be a good idea to spend around $90-100 and expect it to last around 12 months.

Extensions costing less than this amount are usually made using poor quality hair. If you are tempted to go for the cheaper quality of extensions costing around $40-50, they would not last more than 3 months and in the long run, end up costing you a lot more than the $100 ones that would last 12 months.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair Extensions

Taking care of your hair extensions is actually quite simple. Make sure to use heat protecting sprays on your hair all the time. This will help in preventing drying of hair.

Besides this, wash your hair normally as required or whenever the need arises due to build-up of products like hairsprays, mousse, seasalt spray etc. Let the hair air dry naturally after washing and deep condition it once a month using hair masks to add moisture and oils back to the hair. If you are looking for extra shine, use argon oil on your hair extensions.

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