3- Tips For Choosing The Perfect Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

Red is undoubtedly the color of love, that of passion and the sexiest color especially when painted on the lips. Just like any other color, the red colored lipstick looks better on certain skin tones in comparison to others. However, another fact is that most women love to flaunt the red lipstick shade as it is considered to be an amazingly sexy and sensuous color.

Perfect Red Lipstick

Even though all women cannot use the pure red shade on their lips, but there are certain shades of the color that can effectively be used to suit different skin tones. Here is a useful guide that will help you pick out the perfect shade of red that would complement your skin tone and make you look stunning.

3 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Red Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

For Women with Fair Skin Tones

Women with fair skin tones usually have pink undertones on their skin. Therefore, it is very important to avoid overwhelming the face and all its features while choosing the right shade of red lipstick. True red shades are quite popular amongst women with fair complexion as the color suits cool skin tones quite well.

Besides the true reds, there are certain other shades that you can consider while choosing a red lipstick shade. Any shade of lipstick that has a plum tone or a pink undertone would work quite well, especially if you are not looking for stunning red colors. You can also consider going for sheer lipsticks in red shade.

For Women with Fair Skin Tones

For Women with Dark Skin Tones

The women with dark skin tones should choose a shade of red that would pop out against the color of the skin. To make this happen, you should go for deep reds with warm tones. Any lipstick with a cranberry to berry undertone would be perfect for darker skin tones. Go for lipsticks with shine as they would help your lips to stand out against the dark skin tone.You should also avoid the shades of red that are too dark as they would tend to blend in with the skin color and the attempt of imparting a red color to the lips would fail. Also keep in mind that the lipsticks with blue pigments in them would provide an instant teeth whitening effect.

For Women with Dark Skin Tones

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For Women with Medium Skin Tones – Olive to Caramel

If you are a woman with medium skin tone, brown and berry tones would be your best picks and you should avoid reds with orange tints. You should go for red that are bright, so cherry red and berry shades would look great on your skin. As far as the orange tones are concerned, it can work quite well for some women but work totally opposite in some women.

Women with caramel skin tone, red shades with orange undertones will flatter the complexion quite well. However, women with olive skin tone should avoid the orange tones as orange hues would have a wash out effect on your face and make you look a lot paler than you actually are.

Use the above mentioned tips to pick out the perfect shade of red lipstick that would suit your skin tone.

For Women with Medium Skin Tones – Olive to Caramel

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