3 Tips For Finding The Perfect Foundation

perfect foundation

perfect foundationMakeup is an essential part of every woman. Whether it is a business party, office meeting or a wedding reception, woman has to apply make up to enhance her beauty and to get a beautiful and attractive look.

The most important product which is required to apply the makeup is the foundation. All types of makeup are incomplete without the application of foundation; in fact the first step after cleaning and moisturising the skin is the application of foundation only. So, it makes foundation the most important makeup product.

The effect of foundation depends upon the type as well as the application of foundation. If the choice and method of application of foundation is wrong then it can spoil the look of the whole of the makeup and it can make you look unattractive. Even if makeup on the other parts of the face is applied brilliantly and the right type of foundation is not used then it can give a very ugly look to the face.

Yes! It is very true – wrong application and wrong choice of foundation is one of the main reasons for not getting the right look among most of the people. Therefore, if you are unable to get the perfect desired look in spite of your serious efforts to apply makeup, check your foundation first. You may be using a wrong foundation!

Choosing a foundation is not that simple and easy. It does not mean that for buying a foundation you just need go to the market and just pick one without testing and trying. You need to spend good amount of time to pick the right one to get the perfect look. Various factors should be kept in mind before making a final choice regarding the foundation. Just read the article carefully to explore and find the various factors which you should keep in mind to choose the perfect foundation for your skin tone and skin type.

Colour Of The Foundation

Making a right choice according to the colour tone is very important. A woman should use that shade of the foundation which is one tone lighter to her actual skin tone. Using two or three tone lighter will not give the natural effect and it will only make the person look unattractive. If you have a rosy red or pink skin tone the best colour of the foundation for you is the porcelains colour or the sandstone hued colour.

On the other hand, for females who have yellowish golden colour skin tone, the nude shades and creamy pink as well as beige shades will give the perfect look. If your skin tone does not fall in the above mentioned category then you have neutral undertones and the best foundation for you would be honey or wheat coloured or even ivory colour foundation will solve your purpose.

It is very important to try and test the foundation before making a final choice. Tell the salesman to give you testers of different brands and just dab a small amount of the tester on your wrist and just see that it blends well with your skin or not. You really need to try many foundations to find the perfect one for you.

Skin Type

choosing perfect foundation

Every person has different type of skin so the foundation should be picked up according to the skin type. For dry skin, powder foundation is not the right option; use a liquid foundation which has moisturiser in it. A liquid mineral foundation is also a good option.

Woman who has combination skin should go in for liquid mineral foundations; even powder foundation mineral foundation will give perfect effect. For oily skin the choice of foundation should be made very carefully. This type of skin should strictly avoid the use of foundations which have moisturisers and which are creamy.

Use of matte mineral foundation is right and make sure to choose that foundation which is oil free. Even a primer which absorbs oil can be used for people who have oily skin. The foundation should be in accordance with your skin tone and give a transparent look.

Go In For Perfect Coverage And Finish

The most important thing is that one should go in for that foundation which gives perfect coverage and finish. Go in for sheer coverage if you have young and perfect skin. But if you have lot of scars and marks and have mature skin then a foundation with opaque coverage is perfect for you.

If you have slightly less perfect skin then the perfect option for you is the medium coverage. Pick up the foundation which gives perfect finishing on your skin. Foundation with shiny finish is perfect for youthful and flawless skin. Dewy and moist finish is suitable for all skin types but people with oily skin should not go in for foundation which has this type of finish. Instead people with oily skin should go in for foundations with matte finish.

Nowadays market is just overloaded with the number of brands offering different type of foundations. There is so much wide variety in the different kinds of foundation that it is very difficult to make the right and perfect choice. But keeping in mind the above three factors can really help you to solve your problem and choose the best and perfect foundation for your make up.

Remember that this beauty product is very important to give a beautiful look to your make up. So, take the above factors seriously while buying the perfect foundation for your face. Only the right choice of foundation can help you get that desired attractive glow and this will help you look perfect.

Therefore, go to the beauty product store and just choose the right foundation according to the skin type, skin tone, coverage and finishing of the foundation. Try the various foundations on your wrist and then make the final choice. Don’t think trying and testing the foundations will waste your time. This in turn is helpful in enhancing your looks. So, enjoy the beautiful glow with the perfect foundation!