4 Classic Styles Of Makeup

4 Classic Styles Of MakeupWe use different styles of makeup for different events and occasions.  We browse on different websites and watch videos of different beauty gurus to learn about various makeup styles. Red Carpet events and Runways also keep us updated about the on-going trends.

However, here are some classic trends that can be sported by everyone and have been seen occasionally on stars. These forever sexy styles can be tried and tested by anybody, irrespective of her age and ethnicity.

Best Classic Styles Of Makeup

Nude Makeup Style

Nude does not always mean Plain Jane. There is a subtle sensuality in being simple and avoiding overdo. Nude makeup often enhances your facial features like high cheekbones or a chiselled jawline and of course a flawless skin. The essence of nude makeup is a clear and gorgeous skin. Always clean your skin out of any dirt. Then exfoliate to get rid of dull skin. Hydrate it using a water based moisturizer. Then create an even base with a primer.

This will make you skin flawless and refine its texture by camouflaging open pores. Whether you use a foundation or not is not important, as you can hide your imperfections with a concealer. Dark circles, rashes, zits, blemishes can be well hidden by the use of concealer. End your makeup with lots of mascara for beautiful eyes and a bit of clear gloss or nude lipstick.

Pink Makeup Style

This look focus on being feminine in every possible way. This look can be donned by anyone, regardless of her skin colour or hair colour. This can be sported in any occasion like parties or even as a day wear. The soft rosy look can give a breath of fresh air for the hot humid summers and can be sported with girly frocks and accessories. You can add a dose of pink either on the cheeks by using a pigmented creamy blush.

Pink Makeup Style

This will give you a natural healthy flush. For a bright eye makeup look use two shades of pink and create a base with the lighter shade. Apply the darker shade on the crease and blend them and end it by adding a white colour under the bowline and at the inner corners of the eyes. You can use a voluminous mascara to make the look flirtier.

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Vintage Makeup Style

This will always remain a classic and safe style of makeup for an ultra-glamorous look. The prim proper hairdo, the sultry eyes and bold statement lips with high prominent cheekbones identify with old Hollywood glamour. Start with a velvety foundation to create a flawless base. Then use an illuminating blush on the cheekbones to highlight the area.

Create a soft smoky eye look with brown or earthy shades. Use an eyelash curler to curl the lashes and mascara for drooping sensuous eyes. You can increase the oomph factor by using black eyeliner to line the eyes perfectly. The lips can be defined by a lip liner and filled with a true red or burgundy shade.

Cat Eyes Style 

This look is ideal for a sexy and seductive appearance. The eyes are the centre of attraction here, so the rest of the face is best kept muted and subtle. Start by applying a beige shadow on the entire lid to create a base. Then take a gel eye liner and draw the upper and lower lid lines.

Cat Eyes Style

Take a black or dark grey shadow and using a thin angled brush slightly move over the line and the crease. This will blend and fix the sharpness. Again draw the waterlines with the gel liner and finish the look with loads of mascara. Use a nude or light pink shade on the lips.