4 Dangers Of Minimizer Bras

Dangers Of Minimizer Bras

There was a time when curvy, voluptuous women were considered to be very attractive and sexy. But time has definitely changed this theory. Today curves are in, but having a heavy top part of your body, can lead to severe problems with fashion.

Today, most of the clothes are tight fitted, and are meant to make you look thinner, but a large and heavy bosom, can make you look very odd in these clothes. Hence, more and more women are opting for smaller breasts now-a-days.

While smaller breasts can be achieved by plastic surgery, there is another simple and quick method of achieving the desired looks. And that is by using minimizer bras. Minimizer bras can certainly make your bosom appear smaller, but there are various drawbacks and dangers associated with this fashion option. So, before you try one of those bras, just make yourself acquainted with these.

What Are Minimizer Bras?

We are talking about minimizer bra for long, but if you are wondering about what this particular thing is, and what purpose does it serves, then here are the answers to your questions. A minimizer bra basically helps to minimize the size of breasts, and makes them appear smaller.

The bra pushes the breast backwards towards the chest, armpits and sides. Although this bra makes breasts appear smaller, but when the breasts protrudes out from the sides of the bra, it looks very ugly. So, choose your minimizer bra carefully, to achieve the desired looks and which will not make you look ugly.

Minimizer Bras

Dangers Of Minimizer Bras

Pain And Uncomfortable

Minimizer bras don’t give support to the breasts; rather they hold them tightly by pushing the breasts inwards. This property of the bras makes them very tight fitting, and the entire pressure remains on the shoulder straps and the body elastics.

If you continue to wear them for a very long time, they can make your skin red, and irritate the skin. Some people even complain of feeling uncomfortable and breathless, while wearing them. Prolonged and regular usage of this bra can cause severe back and shoulder pain. So, avoid the bra if you are facing such problems.

Regular usage bra cause severe back and shoulder pain

Obstructs Blood And Lymph Flow

Normally minimizer bras are very tightly fitted, and if you wear them for very long, lymph drainage and normal blood flow to the breast region gets hampered. And if you wear them regularly, minimizer bras can lead to serious health problems like breast cancer.

Obstructs Blood And Lymph Flow

Leads To Diseases Due To Tissue Compression

Minimizer bras make the breast appear smaller, by compressing and pushing them. These bras are meant to be worn only for a short duration, but if someone wears them for very long, it can lead to several diseases, like breast cancer, breast tumor and polyps.

This happens, because the minimizer bras keep the breasts tightly compressed, which prevents free movement of the breasts, and ultimately leads to lump formation in the tissue of the breasts. Apart from this, the tightly fitted shoulder straps also lead to deformity of the tissues in the shoulder region.

Breast Cancer

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Gives Unflattering Looks

The minimizer bras make the breast smaller by compressing them towards the armpit and towards the center of the cleavage. Although the size of the breasts appear smaller, but the overall look becomes very ugly, as they make your breasts appear flat.

And apart from this, prolonged usage of minimizer bras leads to the formation of hard nodules and lumps in the epidermal layer of the breasts skin. They protrude out and turn black with time. Apart from that regular usage of minimizer bras deforms the entire shape of the breasts.

Gives Unflattering Looks

So, minimizer bras are good for fashion purpose, but they are not good enough to be compared with future risks and health problems.