4 Different Types Of Short Punk Haircuts For Girls

Short Punk Haircuts For Girls

Punk haircuts are inspired by the 1970’s political and musical movement. The punk movement originated in the U.K, with a political reason behind the movement.

But later on, the political aspect of the movement lost its importance and gradually punk became more of a fashion statement. Punk fashions are mostly followed by men and women, who have a different approach towards their life. Punk fashion is characterized by body piercings, tattoos all over the body, dark makeup, dirty awkward looking clothes and specific types of haircuts.

Not only haircuts, punk fashion also involves dyeing hair with very vibrant colors like neon pink, blue, green or sometimes multi-colors. Punk haircuts are of many types, and some of the most prominent short punk haircuts for girls are stated below.

Mohawk Haircut

Mohawk is a very popular punk haircut, worn by both men and women. This haircut is typically a short haircut, but sometimes it can also be long. To create this look, the sides of the head are shaven and only a long straight strip of hair is kept at the mid portion of the head, which extends from the hairline at the front of the head to the back of the head.

The hairs at the middle portion are combed upwards like spikes, and they are hold with strong holding agents like hair gels, sprays, egg whites, gelatin or glue. Lot of time and efforts are required to maintain this haircut in a clean way. The longer the hairs, more is the time required to fix the hair. Sometimes girls also dye their Mohawk haircut with vibrant colors like pink, green, blue and yellow.

Mohawk Haircut

Emo Haircut

The word “emo” has come from “emotional hardcore”. Emo is a type of rock music which has its origin from hardcore punk. The followers of emo music have a specific type of punk fashion, and emo hairstyle is also inspired by this fashion.

Short, layered and heavily dyed hairs are the characteristics of emo haircut, which are predominantly worn by teenage girls. Small fringes and asymmetrical layers are also the characteristics of this haircut, in which the weight of the hair remains at the top of the head and at the front. Long bangs are also sometimes accompanied with this haircut, which falls on the face.

Emo Haircut


Scene Haircut

Scene haircut is also inspired by the punk fashion. This is a layered haircut, in which the hairs at the front are cut in a spiky pattern and these spikes come down to the chin area, overlapping the eyes. The main weight of the hair lies in the crown region, with shorter bangs overlapping the longer ones to create volume.

This haircut is also characterized with large bangs. There are many varieties of scene haircut, which varies according to the individual personality and tastes. Some people like to keep them simple, while most of the followers like to dye them with bright colors like pink, red and blue.

Scene Haircut

Spikes Haircut

Spikes are one of the craziest types of punk influenced short hairstyles. In this, the hairs are divided into many small sections, and then, a lot of hair styling sprays and gels are used to create the look. The small sections of the hairs are combed in the upward direction and they are secured with huge amounts of styling gel. The spikes can be of various lengths, and they look like thorns.

Spiky look