4 Easy Upper Body Workout For Women

Workout For WomensDepressed for not being able to wear short sleeves and tank tops? Do not fret – this is not just your problem but quite common with most women. Regular upper body workout will help you to come out of this problem and have a completely toned upper body which will not only balance your physique but will also help improve your posture.

Check out some easy workout options for your upper body.

Exercise Options For Upper Body


These are very effective for your chest muscles, shoulders and upper body. This works as a great core tightener. You will need to have a dip bar or a set of rings for hanging. Your arms need to be straight and your shoulder needs to be just above your hands. Your body has to be lowered till your arms are at a 90 degree angle. Once this position is reached you will have to pull your body upwards again. If you are a beginner, start by 10-20 counts and increase it as per your comfort level.

Policeman Press Up

Start by lying on any flat surface – preferably floor. Keep your arms wide apart. Your hands will go to the position of the elbow. You need to push up from this position and slowly brace through your belly section.Squeeze your butt at this time.

Policeman push up

You will have to lower each of these presses so that you have a bend of 90 degrees from your elbow. This will show results within a week.

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Push Up

This is a popular overall body toner and targets the arms, shoulders and core.. You need to lie down on your stomach. Keep your legs straight and keep them little bit wider than your hip width. Now, bend your elbows and your palms should rest on the floor. Lift your body while you straighten your arms. Your body will be balanced on the palms and toes. Your back should be straight while your bend your elbows and slowly lower your body. You need to lower your body till you find that your upper arms are just parallel to the ground. Now, you can push back up.

Bow and Arrow

Start by holding an end of a tube or band and stand in a way to keep your feet just in the center part of the tube. Your legs need to wider than your hip width. Now you will have to stretch your right arm down and cross it in front of your left thigh.

Bow And Arrow Exercise

Your palms should face inwards. Keep your left hand casually. The left leg should be straight and step up your right leg as in a stride and then bend your right knee while you pull the tube till you find your hand is of your shoulder height. Now stand back to the starting position. Do an equal number of repetitions for your right and left shoulder.

Try out any of these workout options and you will be able to perfectly tone your upper body in no time.