4 Effective Medium Hold Hair Waxes

With so many new techniques, products and styling methods coming into play, it is now very easy for a girl to style her hair in whatever way she wants to and make it stay like that for hours to come.

The invention of gels, waxes and pastes have made it possible to flaunt innumerable styles in no time and look your very best in public.

Hair wax can be light, medium or firm amongst which it is highly recommended to use the medium ones for most hairstyles. Take your pick from these 4 effective medium hold hair waxes and get that new style going.

Medium Hold Hair Waxes

D:fi Light Wax Medium Hold Hair Wax

This is one of the best and most commonly used medium hold hair waxes in recent times. It gives the user a flexible hold, less shine and the power to style your hair in any way you want to. In order to apply this wax you simply need to work it in your hands and then apply to your hair directly.

D:fi Light Wax Medium Hold Hair Wax

It has the extracts of cactus in it which offers increased luster and elasticity to the user. Also powered with sugarcane it helps your hair to absorb moisture from it and retain it in the hair. It also contains beeswax which helps you to control your style and protect your hair.

Lock Stock & Barrel Original Classic Wax

This is yet another great medium hold wax for hair which gives the user versatile styles to choose from and also adds high shine. This wax should be applied to dry hair only. A small amount should be rubbed between all the fingers and then applied to those hair sections which need to be styled.

Lock Stock & Barrel Original Classic Wax

This wax contains a unique blend of natural oils like mineral oil, argania spinosa kernel oil, brassica napus seed oil and camelina sativa seed oil to name a few that help to condition your hair and keep it well moisturized.

Terax Sculpting Wax

This is a great medium hold wax which can be used on any hair type without a worry. It not only adds a fine texture to your hair but also separates and defines it in a unique manner.

Terax Sculpting Wax

It’s brilliant combination of olive butter that helps add moisture to hair and sunscreen lotions which protect your hair from the harmful UVA rays when you are out in the open is sure to work wonders for you. Just apply a small amount on your fingertips, work through your hair and style as desired.

Blind Barber – 60 Proof Hair Wax – For Medium Hold

This is yet another popular medium hold wax which gives a natural finish to your hair and allows the user semi control. This wax is full of nutrients and holds hair without weighing it down at all so that you can style your hair in many ways.

Blind Barber 60 Proof Hair Wax

Take a small amount of the wax on your hands and apply throughout the hair to get a super polished style in no time. This wax also contains soybean oil which adds a touch of shine to your hair and maintains it for a really long time.