4 Eye Makeup Tips for Blondes

Blondes eye makeup

Often the most beautiful women in history have been blondes. When it comes to beauty how can we forget such names like Marilyn Monroe and Gwyneth Paltrow? They are natural blondes and are considered to be some of the best looking women round the world.

Being blonde has been such a craze that brunettes and red-haired people have also seen opted for gold locks just like Anne Hathaway. It is important to be careful in applying makeup if you are a blonde. And when it comes to your eye makeup you need to be really picky. Here are few tips on eye makeup for blondes:

Eye Makeup Tips for Blondes

Determine Complexion

It is very important to know and understand your complexion before applying eye makeup. Blondes with very pale complexion can look quite washed out if the proper colours are not used. The key is to apply flattering shades and not the ones that will make you look paler.

Generally for day looks a neutral palette will suit the most. If your skin is very pale go for shades like light mauve and beige for base and khaki or chocolate for contouring. It is best to use a light shimmer apricot on medium skin tones.

Blondes makeup

Consider Eye Colour

It is very crucial to choose shades that pop your eye colour. Blondes with blue eyes generally should stick to cooler shades like grey, silver and steel for eye makeup. Day makeup should be done with tones of brown, lavender and neutral rose.

If you want to glam up slightly try hues of grey or turquoise with a bit of silver or gold shimmer can be ideal. Those with brown eyes can go for plums and browns for base shades. Try to flatter your eyes with shades of forest green or charcoal grey for day makeup. Blondes with green eyes should stick to red-based hues. Go for shades like dark purple or browns for defining eyes. Skip silver and black and go for gold and browns to line the eyes.

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Night Makeup Shades

Night makeup shades should be different from the day makeup as it is exposed to artificial and powerful light which unlike sunlight can expose flaws very easily. Pale skinned blondes should go for blue or orange based shades while medium or tanned girls should opt for coppery eye shades.

It is best to use black mascara and choose a dark or medium brown instead. A classic smoky eye look can be achieved by applying a light grey shade on the entire lid and a darker grey only on the crease. Then blend the 2 colours properly and end with lining the lower lash line with a metallic silver and the upper lash line with a more mute silver.

Night Makeup Shades

Groom Eye Brows

An ideal way to glam up your look is to define your eye brows with a shade darker than your hair colour. If you have naturally darker brows fill any sparse place and pluck stray away strands.

A well-defined brow will give more definition to your eyes and will brighten your entire look. Messy and unkempt brows will give a ghostly appearance. It is best to keep a brow kit handy for immediate touch ups. With these handy tips any blonde can achieve striking eye makeup looks very easily.

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