4 Great Tips On African Hair Care

4 Great Tips On African Hair Care

4 Great Tips On African Hair Care If you are an African belle you cannot go for the similar hair care regime as every other woman does. The most vital thing that you must understand is that African hair has a different texture and type. Moreover, African hair, which is coarser, tends to be drier as compared to Asian or European hair type.

Therefore, it needs a few extra tips to retain its luster and natural health.  So, if you wish to boast about your African crowning glory, take a look at these handy tips.

Tips for African Hair Care

Protect Your Mane from Sun Damage

Since African hair is naturally dry, over exposure to direct sunlight will enhance its dryness further and lead to a series of problems. Excessive dryness can make it brittle, lead to premature graying and hair fall. The best remedy of these hair problems is to protect your hair from direct sun exposure.

Never forget to wear fashionable head gears, such as bandana, broad head band or scarf, which protect your manes while you are outdoors.  You must also ensure that the hair care products and toiletries that you use must comprise of SPF components. These will act as extra hair for your African tresses.

Dry it Naturally

Every time you dampen your hair, be sure that you dry it up naturally. Using electrical blow dry equipments very frequently causes dehydration of the hair stands.

4 Great Tips On African Hair Care

It is needless to mention that the situation worsens when you use blow drier regularly for African hair. Hence, it is always recommended that you soak your hair with a soft towel post bath and hand dry it under natural air. In case if you are too eager to use blow drier, use it sparingly.

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Trim Hair Regularly

Whether you wish to grow your hair long or keep it short, trimming it frequently is one of the basic hair care regimes for African hair. Regular trimming removes the split ends, makes your hair appear healthy and in shape. Thus, trimming your hair after a regular interval of about six weeks is the best way you can keep your hair in shape.

Regular trimming also enhances the rate of growth of hair. So, those of you who wish to have long hair but the typical frizzy characteristic of your African mane prevents you to get rewarding results soon, will be happy to see how faster your hair grows post regular trimming.

Know Your Products

It is very essential that you have a thorough knowledge of the products and cosmetics you pick up from the retail counter to apply onto your hair. Since your African mane is dry, so opting for the ones that are specially meant for African hair will be ideal for you.

Read the back label of the products that you intend to buy and avoid the ones that comprise of hoards of strong chemicals. Instead of doing any good these products will only dry your hair further. Natural and herbal products are milder and best suited for African hair. Hence, do not go by the media commercials and choose products that are best for your hair.