4 Handy Tips That Boost Hair Growth

Hair Growth

4 Handy Tips That Boost Hair Growth While hair fall is the common problem majority of us face, hair growth is something that is rarely found. There are several reasons that are at play behind the same. These obstruct healthy hair growth. While some of these factors are linked to our callousness towards hair care, other factors may focus at improper diet and lack of proper nourishment. 

These factors hint that we can be hopeful of new hair growth if we are able to combat the factors that retard it. Let us have a look at some of the sure shot factors that lead to hair growth.

Tips to Improve Hair Growth

Invigorating Scalp Massage

There are situations when the hair follicles become stunned and do not lead to hair growth. This does not imply that the follicles have become permanently inactive. You can make them active once again.  The most effective and inexpensive way to make them vigorous once again is to go for regular scalp massage.

Use your fingers or wooden teethed scalp massager and go for an invigorating massage session of five to ten minutes a day. This will promote blood circulation in the scalp, uniform distribution of natural oils and stimulate the hair roots, thereby leading to hair growth.

Healthy Diet

As we have already pointed out, our daily diet supplies certain vital nutrients to our body. These directly influence hair growth. The major ones among them are iron, biotin, calcium, protein, vitamins along with a number of other trace elements.

Thus, in order to ensure that your hair will grow naturally you need to be cautious about the diet you consume. It should be well balanced and comprise of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, animal protein, cereals and grains in the balanced proportion. When your body remains healthy from within it automatically leads to hair growth.

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Hot Oil Treatment

This is one of the most primitive and effective methods of hair growth. It has shown immense results in curbing premature baldness as well.  You can use vegetable oils, such as olive oil, almond oil, castor oil or coconut oil for the same. Heat the oil a little bit and use your fingers to apply the same throughout your scalp.

4 Handy Tips That Boost Hair Growth

Now, massage the entire scalp with gentle, circular strokes and cover your head with a towel wrapped in hot water and squeezed properly.  You can use thermal heat caps available at the leading cosmetic stores alternatively as well. Wear your heated head gadget for twenty minutes and remove it thereafter. This method hastens the absorption of oil into the scalp and stimulates the hair roots faster. Consequently, hair growth is experienced at a much faster pace as compared to many other methods.

Hair Mask

Applying a hair mask is equally profitable in encouraging hair growth. A dedicated hair mask rectifies the problems that are associated with temporary stoppage of hair growth. Hair masks stimulate the hair roots in the process.

This eventually influences new hair growth. There are added benefits of hair masks as well, such as enhancement of natural shine of hair, strengthening of the roots, taming frizz, adding volume and improving hair texture. You can select your preferred one from a range of hair masks, such as raw eggs, yogurt, Dead Sea clay, henna or those sold readily in the cosmetic stores.