4 Ideas For Sizzling Skin This Winter

Your skin has a testing time during winter and the following few tips will help you to look as smooth as ever. 


A number of women put off exfoliation of skin during winter and instead use lots of moisturizers since they are afraid of red raw complexion. However, exfoliation can create moisture. Exfoliating helps moisture-rich cells to surface and hydrate the skin.

If you don’t exfoliate your skin, it will have lusterless sallow appearance. To have sizzling softness of skin, exfoliate the skin with enzymes which are gentle on the skin. The benefits include removal of dead skin cells, reduced wrinkling and redness, besides nourishment for skin, which are necessary during winter. Continue to use moisturizer after exfoliation.

Wind Burnt Skin

Wind can damage skin along with hair. Prior to stepping outside, you should apply a sunscreen of SPt-30. If you use a good hydrating ointment, your skin will get protective layers protecting it from wind, while sunscreen shields the skin from sun damage. Since these ointments are made of 80% oil and 20% water, there is lots of oil. However, if you have Acne prone skin, these ointments should be avoided.

Double Duty Products

These contain hydrators as well as antioxidants, to help maximum moisturizing and protect the skin from the harsh winter weather. If you use a tinted moisturizer, it can hydrate the skin apart from giving a warm glow. Mini kits are also available, like compacts having lip, cheek and shadow colors. They are very good for touch ups on the go.

Keep Off Moisture-Depleting Agents

During winter, skin becomes dry. Keep off from toners with alcohol base, peels and clay-based mask, since all of these strip away natural oils from the skin. Don’t use bubble bath applications, since they have foaming ingredients which can cause irritation. Same is the case with fragrances and dyes. Instead, you should use gentle preparations and go for hydrating masks and skin soothing oatmeal showers. If you use oatmeal soap, your skin can calm down.

As chilly winds blow during the winter, you should continue to take care of the skin, with the choicest creamier formula, to ensure dead cells are removed; keeping off skincare products which squelch away the moisture and other multitasking products. Despite the harshness of the winter, you can have smooth skin.