4 Most Effective Natural Cures For Arthritis In Knees

arthritis in kneesArthritis is one of the most common problems faced by the people across the globe. The cartilage in the joints wears out through wearing and tearing over the years. This leads to some stiffness in the bones and joints. Arthritis in knees can be cured with simple care.

There are many medical solutions available for arthritis in knees, but going natural is always the best way. These natural cures for arthritis in knees help ease the pain and hence bring some relief. So read on to find out more about the 4 most effective natural cures for arthritis in knees.

Natural Cures For Arthritis In knees

Importance Of Weight Loss

Being obese increases the risk of arthritis in knees to manifolds. When one carries extra weight in the body, the stress and pressure is created on the joints. A total of three to four times of our body weight’s force is exerted on our knees when we walk.

Loose Weight

Losing weight is hence considered to be one of the effective natural cures for treating arthritis in knees. It sure takes time but surveys show that losing weight reduces knee pain by a magnificent amount. One must chalk out a proper weight loss plan supported with activities that would help reduce weight. So watch your weight.

Practise Yoga 

Yoga is now considered to be a universal snatural cure for many problem. Arthritis isn’t far behind this list. A pain in the knee restricts your overall movement, causing more stiffness in the knee. Less movement makes your knee go both weak and makes it tight too.


Yoga helps realigning the overall body postures and bones. Gradually it helps lessen pain and helps increase smooth movement. Regular yoga prevents the joints from further damage. One must take expert advice on this as well and should do it under proper guidance. Yoga is indeed a great natural cure for arthritis in knees.

Own A Healthy Diet 

We become what we eat. So watching your diet is again one of the most efficient natural cures for arthritis in knees. Foods that help in treating the inflammation cause by pain can help relive the problem. Foods that are very rich in helping fight inflammation through free radicals help prevent arthritis.

green tea

Green tea, yellow fruits, extra virgin olive oil, oranges, berries, onions, garlic, red grapes, apples and many others are some of the foods with anti-inflammatory nutrients. One must also avoid consuming food with trans-fat and oil. These foods promote inflammation and so you must avoid eating them.

Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy like stretching and strengthening exercises help fight arthritis better. The more your joints get stiff, the more they restrict your movement. The more you don’t move, the more stiff your joints get. In order to break this vicious circle, you must resort to regular exercise therapy for this. This must be done under expert advice and supervision. A therapist would help you strengthen your muscles around the affected joints. This will ease out your movement and relive the pain to some extent. The pain-relief techniques have proved to be extremely useful in releasing the knee pain caused by arthritis.