4 New And Artistic Make Up For Halloween

Make Up For HalloweenIt’s the creepy Halloween day and you are wondering about the scariest get up for the Halloween party. You can be a blood thirsting vampire or a scary witch with a nasty broom in her hand or you could act like a dead zombie walking around the party with fake blood dripping out of the mouth.

You must have tried these above costumes as they are the most common get ups. Why not try something different this time? Well, let’s check out some easy tips to create a brand new Halloween make up look this time.

Out of The Box Halloween Make Up Tips

Leopard Face

This is the new wild get up for all those who are daring enough to expose their wildness. You will need a full painted bodysuit, some accessories to complement the look and of course the leopard make up. Start applying white paint all over your face followed by a light colored tan paint.

 Leopard Face

Now, take a medium size brush and start creating various sizes of rosettes on your face. Color the rosettes with dark brown or black paint. Finally, to create whiskers, take a black paint on a small brush and apply it on the tip of your nose to complete the leopard look.


You can try out the all new and creative Bumblebee look. For this, you will need more of yellow and black colors along with a complementing costume. To create this vibrant look, moisturize your face with a cream and make sure it completely blends into the skin. With the help of a black eyebrow pencil, color your eye brows. Take out your yellow eye shadow and apply it evenly on the upper lids of your eyes with a brush. Also place a thin layer of eye shadow on the inner side of your eyes with the help of a small brush. Coat your eyes with a thick layer of black eye liner and loads of black mascara. Paint red lipstick on your lips to finalize the look.

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Alice In Wonderland

This is an absolute favorite fairy tale of many girls! Why not try posing as the sweet and demure Alice of Wonderland? You can create this look by cleansing your face and making it look flawless with a foundation. Apply eye primer on both the upper lids followed by a neutral shade of eye shadow.

Alice In Wonderland

Give your cheeks a young look with a pink blush. Finally, take a pinch of a vibrant color lip gloss for your lips.

Dead Bride Look

Play a dead evil bride this time and surprise your friends! Cover your face and neck with a cream or powder foundation which is three time more fairer than your actual skin color. Also make sure to hide your eyebrows with the foundation. Take a blue shaded liquid eye liner and create large circles around your eyes and a thin layer under both the eyes to create a dead girl look. Color the circles with a light blue eye shadow. Now, take a black pencil and draw desired eyebrows over your original eyebrows and you can also create fake eye lashes under your eyes with a black eye liner.