4 Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup IdeasHalloween is the time of the year when any idea, be it cute, classic or scary is considered to be cool and happening. Everywhere Halloween parties experience weird and scary looks that cannot be sported in day to day life.

The occasion calls for extremities in terms of wardrobes and makeup. In popular culture Halloween is celebrated in a lot of western countries. Here are some very simple Halloween makeup looks that are very easy to create:

4 Simple Halloween Makeup Ideas

Cute Cat

Start with your face applying a matte foundation and even out the skin. Use a concealer to hide any spots. Once you face becomes fresh and flawless, start with the eyes. Take a liquid liner and draw a thin line along the upper lash line and extend it towards the outer corner with a curve. Remember to keep it thin and sharp. Use the same liner to draw a line across your lower waterline. Finish with a few coats of curling mascara.

cat makeup

You can use false lashes for a more bright and dramatic effect. Take a waterproof eye liner and draw a round circle on the tip of your nose. Remember not to make it too large. Start drawing 3 evenly spaced lines on your cheeks starting from the bulb of your nose and angling towards the centre of your cheeks. This will look like whiskers. Use a baby pink lipstick to finish the look. This will give you the look of a sexy yet cute cat.

Grungy Goth

This look focusses on a ghoulish and scary eye. Start with a matte foundation and concealer to hide imperfections. Top up with a pressed or loose powder dusting to create a sheer white base that should look unnatural and washed out. Take a bronzer and apply on the apples of the cheeks. Try not to blend too much so as to keep the intensity of the bronzer.

Now take a black eye pencil and draw a thick line from top of the upper lashline and another under the lower lash line. Take a matte black shadow and apply on the lids and smudge with a brush. Apply few coats of thickening mascara. Apply a nude cream colour on the lips. The whole contrast will make you look very scary and grungy.

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Ice Queen

Prime your face with a velvety primer. Start with a foundation that is 2 shades lighter than your original skin tone. If you don’t have one add some matte white eye shadow and mix with your regular foundation. This will make you look washed out and almost zombie-like. Try to dust some translucent powder for a more effective makeup. Prime your lids with an eye shadow primer. Take a white matte eye shadow and apply thickly on the upper side of your lids from under the browbone.

ice queen makeup

Take a black shadow and apply all over the lower side of the lids from you lash line to the crease. Blend with a brush to soften the intensity. Apply a clear mascara followed with a glittery one for an effect of dewy lashes. Now for the lips you need to matte shades- a dark berry and a light pink. Apply the dark berry hue just at the centre of the lips and the pink on the rest of the lips. This will give an appearance of a blood stained mouth.

Sexy Witch

Apply an oil-free foundation and set it with some pressed powder. Take a bright pink blush and apply on the apples of the cheeks and blend it to give a nice rosy glow. Take a black or dark grey pencil and draw lines across your upper and lower lash lines and then smudge with a blending brush for a smoky effect.

Apply a volumizing mascara to brighten the lashes. Use a brow gel to groom your brows and fill them in with black colour, even if you have lighter brows. Apply a dark red matte lipstick. Use a black eye liner to create a mole anywhere on the cheeks or around the mouth.