4 Simple Steps On How To Make Shadow Eyes

4 Simple Steps On How To Make Shadow Eyes

4 Simple Steps On How To Make Shadow Eyes Are you completely struck and awed by the shadow eyes’ look ? Want to know more about it? It is exactly outlined or defined as a smoky look that is created using the darker shades of mascara and eye shadows. These exquisite sparkling eyes look larger than otherwise and is commonly used as in Hollywood movies.

Do you remember Bella from Twilight Saga. I very well remember and like the shadow eyes that gave her a simple yet appealing look. This style is a simple one to make. Let us see in simple steps how to make shadow eyes.

How to Make Shadow Eyes

Base it

Start creating the lovely smoky look by simply applying a base on your skin around the eyes; on the lids as well as under the eye area. This can be done using any foundation or concealer that you generally use for your facial make up.

Line and Contour the Eyes

The second step is creating the contours, and line the eyes very neatly and deftly. The shape that you create is very much the initial step of the outcome so, do it carefully and do not underestimate it. Use an eyeliner pencil or a liquid eyeliner, as per your preference. Apply it on the top as well as on the bottom eyelids for the complete look.

Apply by brushing into the eyelashes vigorously and nicely. This will give the lashes the heaviness needed. For small eyes, apply the eyeliner by starting somewhere in the middle of the lower eyelids and then going outwards towards the outer tip or corner. In case you have big eyes, you should apply it evenly all over the lids.

Blend in the Shades Nicely

Now, with the base ready and the eye shaped well, get on to the step of applying eye shadows. First start with the darker shade you are using, and apply it near the eyeliner and blend them evenly with the help of a thin q tip thin brush.

4 Simple Steps On How To Make Shadow Eyes
Once created a dark area with this eyeshadow on the upper lid of the eyes, advance to the next act of choosing a lighter shade and working it up to above on the eyes to cover the upper portion. Again blend well with a thin brush and also use some glitter on the lighter shade if you like it that way. Use the brush in circular motions if you need perferct results.

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Dark Brown Touch

To complete that shadow look, use a blend of dark brown on the upper part of where your light shade is ending. Just blend a line of the shade and finally end it near the eyebrows with your skin tone color.

The Heavy Mascara

Last but not the least, you have to give the lids that heaviness and dark touch once again with the help of mascara. The smokey eyes are topped up with two three coats of mascara nicely blended with a brush. This just adds that smoke to the eyes. These are simple steps which are to be followed and this is just the right way if you are wondering about, ‘how to make perfect and tantalizing shadow eyes!.’