4 Steps to a flawless complexion

flawless-complexionEverybody wants flawless skin and a healthy complexion, and people go to any lengths to get what they want, with all the latest high-tech skincare products like microdermabrasion, fillers and Botox that are available almost everywhere. However, in doing so, they forget the basics and skip them most often.

For a healthy and flawless complexion, you need to focus on the basic steps, like daily cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, instead of making a trip to your doctor every time you see a pimple. You can try the new Clinique’s 3-step Skin Care System, which includes facial soap, salicylic acid packed clarifying lotion and dramatically different moisturizing lotion. However, even apart from these great products, if you stick to the regimen of gentle cleansing, moisturizing to balance pH and exfoliating to clear pores will take you to a great complexion.

Here are some suggestions that you can follow to get your wonderful complexion without having to make your doctor’s appointment.

Aim the T-zone

The T-zone means the forehead, nose and chin, which form a T in general. Women most often have to look after this area of the face because it has a greater buildup of cells. As a result, it is more prone to clogged pores. You need to take special care of this zone.

Wipe your face with a cotton puff or pad, which is soaked in a salicylic acid based toner and, while doing so, concentrate on this area.

Do not forget your weekly mask

Your skin needs a dose of extra nutrients, which are depleted during the week. You can accomplish this by simply treating it once in a week. You can feed your skin with essential nutrients and even anti-aging components that will prove helpful. Karen Axmaker, an aesthetician at Sally Hersherger’s Face Place in New York City, has this to say: Because masks can penetrate deeper into the skin, they are effective, and more so if dead skin cells have been removed.

An SPF of 15 higher is essential at all times

Continuous exposure to the sun can be damaging for your skin. It can cause hyper pigmentation like brown spots or freckles. Using effective sun protection will ensure safety and an even skin tone, even for incidental sun exposure.

Go easy on your makeup

You do not need to hide behind a mask of heavy makeup. If you have good skin, you will not need more coverage. Good, exfoliated skin will prevent a cakey look, which results from pigment sticking to clumps of dry cells.

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