4 Stunning Bridal Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

4 Stunning Bridal Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

Hairstyle is one of the integral parts of a wedding. Your wedding attire is never complete if you do not wear the perfect hairstyle that harmonizes well with the mood and ambiance of a wedding. You are fortunate if you have long hairs. You can experiment with a range of styles that suit your personality and face shape. Scroll down to get idea of some of the brilliant hairstyles that are worth considering for your D-day.

Best Bridal Hairstyles for Long Hair

Side Bang with Casual Danglers

This hairstyle is most suitable for a young bride. You need to look casual with this hairstyle. So, brush your hair properly and pull them towards your back. Draw in locks at your frontal part to sport a casual side bang. Segregate some strands at the nape area as well, especially towards any of your shoulders.

4 Stunning Bridal Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

Now, pin up the remaining hair length casually, so that it leads to the creation of a handmade bun. Now, comb the loose danglers and use iron curlers to curl them up. Blow dry and set your side band as well. Accessorize your hair with a stone encrusted broach.

Fairy Tale Bride

If your nuptial has a fairy tale theme, your hairstyle must be in exact unison with it as well. So, a great hairstyle for you will be to wear your entire hair loose, so that the strands sweep past your fair shoulders. Now, create a small puff at the front and pin it well using hairpins. The rest part of your tresses must be curled up loosely, using iron curlers and blow driers.  Finish off by adorning your hair with a fresh flower tiara.

Chic Style

This hairstyle is the best one for brides, who have beautiful shoulders and long neck to flaunt. Before you begin the style you need to smear protective and light reflecting serum all along your mane. Now, use wide teethed comb to detangle the entire hair. At the next step, use a hairbrush to brush your hair off your face.

4 Stunning Bridal Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

Hold the mane neatly at your back with bobby pins. Now, concentrate on your hair length. Use small wooden perming sticks to curl up your entire tresses. Apply setting mousse on each of these hair strands and allow the hair to set for about two hours. After the recommended duration, remove the sticks and discover tiny, crimpy curls at your back. Apply blow drier from top to hold the style and finish off by spraying hair hydrant to make your mane look shiny and healthy.

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Princess Updo

Women with long hair often love updos. This one will be worth considering as it suits any kind of wedding, be it a casual one or a royal matrimony. You need to have plain hair for this style. Comb your entire hair neatly and make small plating at any of your preferred side.

Now, leave some strands at the front and draw the rest of your tresses at the back. Next, make a big bouffant right after your side bang, using hairpins. Work up the rest portion in the form of a loose bun. Use a hair net to secure it. Accessorize your hair further with a beautiful tiara or a big bridal flower.