4 Ways to Grow Hair Quickly Naturally

Daily Scalp Massage

First of all, you should get into the habit of giving your scalp a vigorous massage daily. This will increase blood flow to the hair follicles, bringing in much needed nutrients that are necessary for hair growth.

Certain oils are also said to increase hair growth and when used in combination with the daily massage, could greatly help to grow your hair.

Eat Healthy

A healthy diet should be a part of your daily regimen to increase hair growth. This should include the basics such as green leafy vegetables, fruit and a good amount of protein. These will provide the nutrients that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle and for growing hair. If these are absent from the diet, no amount of scalp massage would be of any use.

Keep Away From Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol damages both liver and lungs, and if these vital organs are in any way compromised there is a collateral damage of the immune system.

This tends to weaken the bodies power to put up resistance to infections, which can retard hair growth.Drug consumption also has a similar effect and when combined with alcohol consumption, does great damage to the entire body. Keeping away from these two evils would benefit not only the would-be consumer, but would also enable him/her to be a better member of society

Treat it Gently

Hair is vulnerable to harsh treatment, particularly when it has grown to a certain length. You should refrain from excessive use of the hair dryer as well as curling irons that subject both scalp and hair to too much heat.

Another source of damage to hair is the use of the harsh chemicals that are present in rinses and other tints. Other elements such as smog and excessive exposure to sunlight can also impede hair growth.A simple scarf or a head cover could do much to prevent hair damage.

If you follow these tips carefully, giving your scalp a daily massage, eating well, keeping away from alcohol and drugs, and treating your hair gently, you will soon be a healthy person, and your hair will grow both long and luxurious.