4 Ways To Wrap A Sarong

ways to wrap a sarong

ways to wrap a sarongSarongs are becoming an addictive fashion wear where once on you would definitely not want to take it off ever. Transform it in a beach cover or pamper yourself with a short mini dress and make the sarong the most desirable wear in your wardrobe.

But the problem which usually arises is how to wear the sarong in different ways.

4 Ways to Wrap a Sarong

Tie Front

The very first and simplest ways to wrap a sarong is tying it on the front. Hold the sarong from your back with the top of it in the centre of your back’s small. Grip two fistfuls of the sarong, pulling it until your hands are meeting right under your navel.

Now tie these two pieces in a double knot to complete the wrap and create a sexy look. In fact, if you would like to add an extra touch of style, then simply rotate the knot on one side, letting it to rest there on your hip.

The tie-front style of wrapping is one of the simplest ways to wear a sarong. Tying a sarong is pretty easy to wear where you can achieve to get the sexiest look along with masking unwanted bulge on thighs and hips.


The wrap style is en equally sexy style where you wear the sarong in a much tighter and sleek fit showing off your silhouette look. To wear this style hold the sarong first horizontally from behind folding one side around your body tightly while still holding the material.

4 ways to wrap a sarong

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Now pull the other end of the fabric right out from the hip while making sure to keep it as tight as possible. Wrap this end around your body keeping it taut on your hips and tuck the top layer at least three inches in the bottom layer to make the wrap fully secure.

Mini Dress

Well, it is neither a secret nor a surprise anymore that sarong can be worn like a mini dress also. Simply hold the sarong from your back bringing it in front of you, laying it right over your breasts. With your hands full of the material, pull both the ends of the material to your back, in turn swapping the hand full material.

Now wrap both the sides again at the front, with the left hand a bit higher than the right hand, while securing your dress with a double knot high enough on the left side. The sarong when worn like a mini dress serves as a perfect sexy outfit for those beachfront evening or shopping events.

The Toga Style

To wear the sarong in the toga style, wrap the material around your body bringing both the ends under your one armpit. Now either knot it right there or again criss cross to bring it up over the same shoulder and finally completing it with a knot.

Wrapping it like a top, the sarong is required to be tied in the tube style simply at the chest level. Or you can just wore a sarong around your waist pairing it with a loose blouse or maybe keybayas to create an exclusive look displaying your high fashion sense and style. Sarongs serve to be the best pick when either when you are required to take off your clothes like in pools or on a beach or simply for carrying a sexy and inviting look.

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