5 Amazing Beauty Tips For Skin In Winters

5 Amazing Beauty Tips For Skin In Winters

5 Amazing Beauty Tips For Skin In Winters Winter is a hard time for the skin. In order to survive well in this harsh clime you need to take extra care of this delicate body part. We will show you how you can achieve fully hydrated, moist, radiant skin even through the tough winter months.

Proper Moisturization

During winters the humidity in the surrounding environment decreases drastically. Under these circumstances it becomes crucial to use a full proof moisturizing regime to take care of your skin. The most important thing is proper hydration.

So, you need to drink plenty of water to replenish the lost moisture. Also, you need to avoid caffeine based products like tea and coffee that decrease the body water content. Avoid using hot showers; they dry your skin quickly. It is better to use warm water while bathing. Again, it will be better if you can shower before going to bed so that you may take the resultant moisture with you for the night, restoring your skin.

Generously, apply liberal quantities of a good quality moisturizing lotion on your skin surface immediately after each shower and also after every contact with soap and water through the day. Also, in order to gain from moisturizers you may apply a thick quantity on your face, hands and leg before going to bed and wear socks so that the moisture is trapped against your skin all through the night.

Use Sunscreen

Protection from the harsh sun glare is important in every season, even during the harsh winter months because whether or not the sun shines its harmful ultraviolet rays continue to damage your skin at every opportunity. Use sunscreens and SPF containing creams and lotions that give the right protection against the sun. You are never safe even indoors or while driving. Keep sunblock as an essential component of your beauty regime all through the year.

Humidify Your Living Environment

Use humidifiers in your living space and office environment to keep dry chafed skin at bay. It keeps the air around you moist so that your skin is protected from the harsh clime outside. If you are unable to get a humidifier you may place a bowl of water in front of the room heater it may give some protection.

Take Care Of Your Diet

Include vitamin C in your diet, it helps building up the collagen tissues reshaping your dry skin to give it a healthy glow and keeps you looking great even in winters. Also, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and essential body nutrients. This will repair your skin from inside out replenishing your body so that this inherent health gets reflected from every pore.

Protect Your Hair And Lips

Chafed lips not only look quite ugly they are painful too. The best protection is a vitamin E based moisturizer which should be applied many times all through the day specially while going outside in the harsh winter air.

For your hair good quality conditioners need to be applied before you blow dry. Also, use olive oil for to prevent from dry rough hair.