5 Best Foods To Treat The Common Cold

Common ColdThe common cold is a contagious viral infection that affects millions of people across the globe every single year. An individual who contracts a cold suffers from upper respiratory tract problems.

A nasty cold can leave a person feeling utterly exhausted and drained of all energy. The common cold is often accompanied by an irritating cough, fever, body aches and / or a sore throat. There is no known cure for the common cold as yet, which makes this condition all the more worse.

Best Foods To Treat The Common Cold

Nutrition And Common Cold

Common cold tops the list of contagious viral infections which affects the maximum number of people around the world. While OTC drugs can relieve some of the symptoms of common cold, these medicines are not able to actually cure a nasty cold.

Nutrition And Common Cold

The best way to fight a common cold is to eat a nutritious diet. Eating a nutritious diet can not only help to fight an irritating cold but it also boosts the body’s immune system thereby reducing an individuals chances of contracting a cold in the future.

Foods to Treat the Common Cold

When it comes to fighting the common cold, some foods are more effective than others. Foods which are rich in vitamin C and zinc are known to mitigate the negative effects of a common cold.

Nutrition And Common Cold

People who make wise food choices are able to recover from a common cold faster than others. The best foods to treat common cold are listed below.

Vitamin C Rich Foods

If you want to fight a nasty common cold, step up your intake of vitamin C rich foods. Foods which are rich sources of vitamin C – like strawberries, citrus fruits, bell pepper and tomatoes – are able to effectively fight a common cold.

Vitamin C

Eating vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables, aids in the production of white blood cells. The white blood cells can defend the body against a variety of bacterial and viral infections.

The Power of Zinc

One of the best ways to boost the body’s immune system is to include a variety of zinc rich foods into the daily diet plan. Zinc is an important mineral which can increase the production of the white blood cells. White blood corpuscles can fight many viral infections including the common cold. The best way to reduce the intensity of a common cold is to eat a lot of zinc rich foods at the very onset of a vial infection. Almonds, chickpeas, oysters and yogurt are just a few examples of foods which contain high levels of zinc.

Spice It Up

Eating spicy foods can help to reduce the intensity and the duration of a common cold. Spicy foods help to stimulate the mucous membranes thereby alleviating the feeling of congestion.

Spice It Up

So, if you want to ward off a terrible cold, spike your food with pungent ingredients like garlic, chilies, chili peppers and horseradish.

Drink Hot Beverages

Hot beverages, particularly soups, can bring sustained relief to a person who has contracted a nasty common cold. Hot drinks help to reduce the feeling of congestion and prevents dehydration. Hot soups particularly chicken soup contain active ingredients which improves the body’s anti inflammatory response to viral infections. Hot tea, especially green tea, and soups can also alleviate the unpleasant symptoms which often accompany a common cold.

Eat Seafood

Eat plenty of seafood if you want to beat a cold quickly. Seafood particularly salmon and shrimp are loaded with selenium and zinc.

Eat Seafood

These two uber powerful antioxidants can remove the cold virus from the body by boosting the immune system. Eating seafood can also help to soothe an inflamed upper respiratory tract.

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