5 Best Hair Treatment Worth Considering

5 Best Hair Treatment Worth Considering

5 Best Hair Treatment Worth Considering Are you suffering from hair related problems? To tell you the truth, it is rather impossible to find a single individual who is not suffering from hair problem. There are huge range of hair problems and an equal range of treatments as well to get rid of them. However, there are people too who believe that prevention is always better than cure.

Therefore, they go for regular salon treatments for hair in order to retain its health and shine. We bring here some of the popular hair treatments for you. Take a look.

Popular & Best Hair Treatments

Hot Oil Treatment

This is one of the popular treatments that promote vitality and strength to the hair roots. It also encourages growth of new hairs too. The basic ingredient that is used in this treatment is oil, which can be either aromatic oil or vegetable oil.

The selection of oil depends upon the texture and type of hair, reason for maintenance and specific problems. The oil is slightly heated prior to the treatment and massaged gently onto the scalp.  The oil penetrate into the scalp as well as the cuticles of the hair and deep conditions the same.

Hair Spa

This is a hair treatment that is specially designed to energize hair roots and treat the outer layer of hair. Aromatic oil is mostly used for hair spa, which is gently massaged onto the scalp.

5 Best Hair Treatment Worth Considering

It is followed by applying steam to the entire hair and scalp. This treatment gives intense relaxation a person.

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Power Dose Treatment

This is a specialty treatment that is mostly carried on in hair salons. The treatment comprises of vials that contain power boosters for hair. They are applied to the hair and scalp by skilled personnel. The entire process is carried on adhering to the specific instruction manual.  This is an intense therapy that works from within and reverses the damaging effects on hair.

Hair Gloss Treatment

This treatment is also known as hair cellophane treatment. It is mostly used to cover grey hairs with natural products. Thus, henna is used as the primary ingredient for the same.  Henna is soaked overnight and applied throughout the hair length the next day as full coverage hair mask.

It is left to dry naturally for about three to four hours at a stretch, so that the color pigments form a colored coating on the outer surface of each hair strand.  Finally, it is washed off with running water. The first day of shower post this treatment will leave your hair bleeding. But, it is a natural therapy that is temporary and makes hair shiny and thicker with a characteristic reddish tint.

Hair Detoxification

This treatment is utmost necessary for almost everybody. Regular use of hair care products, such as shampoo, conditioners, hair colors and henna colorant can often leave behind residual remnants that do not get washed off naturally. These build up on the hair strands and make the tresses stressed, limp and dull. Detoxification treatment is the solution to this treatment. It incorporates two processes; the first one, where the build-ups are scrapped away from the hair and the second one, where moisture is replenished back.