5 Best Makeup Ideas For Prom

Berry Lips

Every high school girl wait for the Prom eagerly and prepare to look their best. Apart from choosing the right kind of dress and footwear, they also need to put on the right kind of makeup that will go with the outfit and suit the occasion.

The youngsters should avoid being overboard and stick to understated looks to look the best for the day. Here are few makeup ideas that can be flaunted for Prom:

Makeup Ideas for Prom

Berry Lips

This look focuses on dark lips, but not too dark to look like a vamp. Start with a tinted moisturizer and dab on some concealer to hide the flaws. Sweep on some bronzer on the cheeks starting from the apples to the outer corner towards the ears.

Berry Lips

Blend it softly until the colour gets well spread on the skin and look natural and glowing. Starting with a softening lip balm, line your lips with a berry coloured lip liner. This will ensure your lip colour does not bleed.  Apply the lipstick with a brush. If you think it is looking too intense, you can blot some colour with a tissue paper. Finish the look by applying a coat of mascara on the lashes.

Glowing Skin

The centre of your makeup is your radiant skin. First exfoliate your skin with a good exfoliating agent. You can opt for a flash mask like Clarins Flash Balm to give the extra glow.

glowing skin

It will immediately revive tire skin. Then use a brightening moisturizer like Neutrogena Fine Fairness and a brightening eye cream. If you have acne spots and dark circles, dab some concealer or apply with a brush to blend perfectly to your skin. You can pat some rosy lip colour with your fingertips and keep the rest minimal.

Peach Perfect

Peach is a very bright colour and perfectly matches almost all outfit colours. Try to attain an overall peachy glow by applying a peach coloured cheek tint on the apples of the cheeks. It is best if you use a creamy texture blush as it will reflect light and your skin will illuminate.

Peach Perfect

Choose a shade that is best suited for your complexion. For medium skin tones apricot base peachy hues will look outstanding. Apply a gloss of the same kind of shade on the lips, emphasising on the centre to make your lips look plumper. Apply some black or dark brown liner on you upper lash line so that it looks balanced.

Rosy Cheeks

This is a universally flattering makeup idea and no one can go wrong with it. Apply a matte based foundation so that your skin does not look too oily or greasy. You can opt for pressed powder to create the base. Choose the cheek shade that best suits your skin tone.

rosy cheeks

Girls with pale complexion can go for light pink shades while with medium tones can choose a shade that is more into coral pinks. Apply it on the cheeks and blend it with a fluffy brush until it gives a lovely glow. You can pair it with prominent red lips to make the look more gorgeous.

Soft Smoky Eyes

If you have killer eyes, go for a look that makes the best out of them. Keep the entire face fresh and matte. Apply a nude matte lipstick. Take a soft grey shade of eye shadow and sweep over the lids.

Soft Smoky Eyes

Take a darker shade of grey and apply on the crease. Taking a blending brush smudge the colours together until it gives a mixed greyish hue. If you think it is looking too dark for your taste, apply a white or cream colour on the centre of the lid and blend it on top.