5 Best Natural Cure For Breast Cancer

breast cancer

breast cancerBreast cancer is quite scary especially for women and it is important for women to take special care about this fact. Through research it has been found that one out of every eight women are infected with breast cancer. However, there are some natural remedies for breast cancer that can be taken into account.

Natural Cure For Breast Cancer

Organic And Vegetarian Diet

Diet is something that playa a very important role in the natural treatment of each and every disease or infection. The diet of a patient has to be taken care of because eating a healthy, organic and vegetarian diet can help a person survive and fight breast cancer. There should be a lot of fruits, vegetables, herbs legumes, grains, beans, low fat products and good oils included in the daily meals of a woman suffering from breast cancer.

vegetable diet

Eating fruits and vegetables along with the other items would help a person to gain the energy that is required to live an active and healthy life. The immune system is also kept healthy and at the same time the bowl movements of a person improve and they are also able to lose their weight.

Avoid Artificial Food

Any kind of artificial food starting from processed food to conventional food should be avoided for a person to stay healthy. Green vegetables and colorful fruits are never said to contain any sort of pesticide or chemicals, therefore people should use such products that are good for the health. It is always wise to avoid preservatives and hydrated fats that cause a lot of harm to the body by building a lot of toxics in it.

Moderate Exercise

moderate exercise

Proper exercise plays a very important role in the life of a person suffering from breast cancer. Women with breast cancer should make it a regular practice to have a good walk on a sunny morning that can heal them of the pains and the exertions that they suffer from.

The Sunlight Therapy

The sun provides Vitamin D that is very essential for a healthy body. Therefore women suffering from breast cancer should make it a point to have a walk on a nice sunny day that would help them in boosting the level of metabolism and at the same time would also help their body to gather more oxygen.

Through research, it has been found that the blood that has a good amount of oxygen supply does not give any sort of shelter to the cancer cells, therefore it is always essential to have a good walk in the sun.

At the same time it is also important for a person to avoid saturated and processed food because it does not allow the body to gain Vitamin D from the sun. On the contrary, organic food should be eaten that helps to gain energy from the sun and also avoids irritations and burns of any kind.

Use Of Baking Soda

baking soda

It has also been found through research that the oral intake of baking soda can reduce the chances of getting infected with breast cancer. Alkaline fluids are very important to be kept in the body because the cancer cells are very acidic and they grow best in an acidic environment.

Breast cancer is a treacherous disease that is mostly found in women and if not treated properly, it can also cause the death of a woman.